Captain's Log
V08/19 Mackay to Cairns
6 January 2019

Day 8 – Command Day Part 1…Dunk Island to Sea!

Ahoy shipmates…Command Day Part 1. Apologies for the delay…connectivity issues. Suffice to say I have my feet up…the Youth Crew have taken control…hang on! Over to Captain Grace, fair winds, Captain Kenny———-

Captains Log: Day 8 – 31 May 2019
Hey everyone, recently elected El Capitano Grace here.
This morning started off nicely, with everyone excited for the coming day. Apart from being visited by a few stowaways, the morning ran smoothly with a delicious breakfast from the incredible Marcus.
Today being Command Day aboard the good ship Young Endeavour, the youth crew have control of the ship for 24 hours from 10am today til 10am tomorrow. So far we’re doing well – but for the fact we have no wind, it’s raining, and we’re all feeling a little like drowned rats.
As I was writing this, the wind picked up to about 18-20 knots, so we’ve set our sails and are making excellent time at a speed of roughly 6-7 knots. With any luck the wind gods will be kind to us so we can make it to Fitzroy Island before we have to hand the ship back to the staffies.
Winds picked up fast, so we had everyone scrambling to get into their wet weather gear. In the rush, almost no one got the correct size (personally I’m getting around in an XL jacket and Small pants), but at least we’re sort of dry.
Nevermind, the wind just died again. We expect it’ll be doing this all night (so we’re in for a long one)
The youth crew are doing awesomely, everyone is in high spirits, and even if we don’t hit all our waypoints we’re all safe and having fun (kinda).
Nick has no shoutouts
Everyone else says “hi mum”.
In Captain Kenny style, I have a quote for you all. It goes like this (See below)
Capitano Grace out.


17 38s / 146 18e


Wind: SE at 12 knots Weather: Overcast/Passing Rain Sea: Mild Course: 355 Speed: 4 knots