Captain's Log
V15/19 Eden to Sydney
12 July 2019

Day 8 – Command Day Part 1

Ahoy shipmates…Day 8…Command Day…Captain Kenny is on a break! Over to Captain Ben and his cronies.
Captains Log Day 8 V15/19
Today is the day we take on the task of mastering the art of sailing the majestic tall ship, the STS Young Endeavor. With the new crew ready to take on this task with some even thinking about it all night. We started the day off easy with Eggs and Bacon on the deck as we admired the beauty of Jerusalem Bay. With majestic sounds of us shaking it off to Katy Perry with an evolution challenge of rock, paper, scissors. Salty paid us a visit in the morning brief and told us the meaning behind ‘2-6-Heave’ using Tommy as a human cannon showering us in cherry tomato cannon balls. Afterwards, Nana came out more Metallica than ever to embarrass the untidy shipmates, this outfit was topped off with fish nets.
At 1000 Captain Kenny passed over the Young Endeavour to us with a list of tasks to be completed in our 24 hours of command day. Including but not limited to songs, videos and a majestic climb. The first task was to find the navigation requirements, a small group had to paddle ashore in the RHIB and find the hidden envelope. They also took the majestic squealing pig as a mascot to photograph at that location. This was completed in true endeavor fashion. We also set up a hammock across mid-ships that was able to hold all 27 youth crew and Baggers! This was majestic sight of rope tying skills. We then all set aloft the yards for a majestic group photo.
We had a rough start as the engines where turned off with no sails set and we were still getting our heads around our new positions, this was not majestic. The wind was reasonably light and it took a while to get underway once we had set some sails. It was definitely exciting to see the first sail set under youth command. We were majestically sailing baby… sort of, not long after as the wind died off we were not moving as all. Fingers crossed out majestic team can pull through the night and make it to our new destination in morning.
Shout out to our three amazing youth chefs for cooking up a storm in the Galley.
Over and Out, Elliot and Lily-rose-tulip-daffodil-sunflower-lotus-canola (word of the day…majestic!)


33 35s / 151 24e


Wind: SE at 4 knots Weather: Overcast/Smoke Sea: Mild Course: 150 Speed: 1.3 knots Location: Off the northern beaches of Sydney