Captain's Log
26 July 2012

Day 8 – Command Day Part 1

Hi Everyone,                  Welcome to Command Day. Following a restful night at anchor and a busy morning I handed the Youth Crew the \’Telescope of Challange\’ at 1300 today and in doing so gave them the responsibility of running this magnificant ship for the next 24 hours. During this period they will have many tasks to complete and one of those tasks is writing the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow. So here is the first entry which I am sure you will enjoy.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav    Youth Crew Command Day Captains LogHi Everyone,It was hard to believe another night of watch had passed as we were woken to the sounds of the hot hits chart and the smell of bacon and eggs cooking on the barbecue on the deck. We walked out of the cabin to a fresh, sunny morning ready for the days schenanigans. The staffy’s once again put on an entertaining show for the youth crew. Each day a new story, whether it be one of a famous navigator from Timomatic or the meaning behind a common phrase used on board from salty seadog Jarrod.This morning we learnt where the phrase “2, 6, heave” came from. It was from when cannons were pushed out the side of the ship. The “2, 6” were the sailors that heaved on the ropes to pull the cannons outwards. They even gave us a demonstration, by suspending Mel in a harness and filling her mouth with olives and coconut and then firing it at us all. After the Command Team asked any final questions to the staff in their positions, the rope swing was released and the pool was open. Today was the day we had been waiting for, Command day. We all eagerly awaited 1300 for the ship to be handed over. Captain Gav gave us a final briefing at 1300 before he handed our elected captain (Reece) the pirate hat and the telescope of bravery. Along with this we were given a long list of tasks. The first of which was to paddle over to Brampton Island, (the island off which we were anchored) and sing the National Anthem. To all those who went over to our surprise we were lucky enough to see a dugong casually swimming by in the shallows. Before paddling back towards the ship some loose coconuts were thrown in the russack for snacking. We stepped back on board to discover the rest of the youth crew constructing a hammock to fit all 23 of us, lets just say it was a huge success. A quick team photo was taken of all youth crew on the yards of the fore mast before weighing anchor and setting sail for Mackay. Emma and Braeden

Latitude/Longitude: 20° 46' South / 149° 14' East


Currently located 5nm to the north west of Brampton Island and experiencing very light 2-5kt SE winds with nil swell. Current temperature is 16 degrees.