Captain's Log
V17/18 Gladstone to Brisbane
30 September 2018

Day 8 – Command Day and 30 knots!

Ahoy Shipmates, and welcome to Command Day. After the dash down the Fraser coast, we anchored off Noosa Heads for a few hours this morning for the handover. At 1000 Captain Monty and her willing crew took Command of this magnificent vessel…and then the fun began. After weighing anchor at 1230 and clearing Noosa the weather struck…gusts of over 30 knots and 2.5 metre seas. Well we did say that we would challenge them! So far so good, but I’ll hand over to Captain Monty…Captain Kenny….out! – DAY 8 Command Day
Alrighty, Command Day hey? Our turn to take charge for 24hrs, no pressure right? Of course, as luck would have it it’s the worst weather we have encountered thus far. It has been a long day and will be an even longer night. Today has already taught me things that I would never have thought possible in the lead up to this voyage. Who knew you could be seasick, throw up, and captain a sailing ship, all at the same time? The crew have been so supportive and hard working, they are making today all the more fun. Now I would love to say more but I am getting sick just sitting here in the bridge writing this up. So I will pass tonight’s log over to two of the crew, Jamie and Hodgey.
It is easy to say that the most frequent saying used today is ‘just send it’. The weather has definitely caused our adrenaline to spike and make the most of the experience. Sid saw the worst of this weather as she successfully took the most elegant fall today and was sent face first onto the deck, however, she went out in style. Even though this weather has provided us youthies with a challenge and a half, it is safe to say that most of us have enjoyed the rough seas and we have embraced it with welcome arms. The day consisted of the constant need to grab onto anything within an arms reach and to catch falling youthies where we can. It is without a doubt that today tested our balance and sea legs. Surprisingly we will be sad to see this type of weather leave us as day 9 and clear skies approach us.


26 30s / 153 12e


Wind: SE at 22 knots Weather: Squalls Swell: ESE at 2.5 metres Course: 176 Speed: 6 knots Location: E of Mooloolaba