Captain's Log
V11/19 Gladstone to Brisbane
16 July 2019

Day 8 – Command day

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. With a skip in our strides and heads held high, today is time for our crew of 27 young Aussies to take STS Young Endeavour for our own.
We anchored in the most beautiful Double Island Point last night. It’s cliffs of cascading sand and waters full of curious cetaceans did well to raise the spirits of our Youth Crew and staffies, easing the trepidation of Command Day.
The gravitas of Captain Charlie’s handover was not lost on the Youthies. Ornate calligraphy adorned envelopes containing a mere 25 challenges for Youthies to achieve in the next 24 hours, with 5 waying points to be met by our ace Nav Hu-Dogs. Are we scared? Yes we are! To lift our spirits though, a bit of magic…. following handover, most mysteriously, the staffies of Young Endeavour seemed to disappear, with strangely dressed stowaways appearing in their place…How did a horse stowaway on board?? Your guess is as good as mine. ..
The youth crew took no time to settle into their own. With the marvellous Whale Watch taking first watch, the crew demonstrated incredible knowledge and cohesion, setting the Main Staysail as we pushed through variable licks of wind, keeping us safely out of irons (with a bit of help from the spinny things under the ship).
Our wonderful Watch Leaders and Sail Master had no trouble establishing running of the ship, anointing Young Endeavour with the inaugural STAFF ROPIES! Youthies turned the tables on the ropies books, challenging staffies to find a jetski (thanks Nanna), our only Tassie Youthie (go Emma) and to top it all off, a milo eating race and a dance off. Never before had we seen such a gracious, graceful, flamboyant display of athletic prowess from our staffies…but only one winner could prevail. Throwing some fresh moves from pre-2000 Prince Harri took the crown! Props to the efforts of all the staffies (Honourable mention to Dougie riding a fender). All photo requests need only be forwarded to in-house media production officer Minka.
Meanwhile, resident Aqua-Expert Owen was on top of identifying our cetacean friends. With Humpback Whales & Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins arriving in droves to answer the call of their one true Whale Master, Henners.
As Wildcat Watch finishes watch, we celebrate Italian Night brought to you by Cheffo Spectaculars. Big shoutout to Bundy’s success in his first time making pesto.
As a red sun sets and an almost-full moon rises, our Nemo watch holds our ship steady under guidance of the incredible Youthie Watch Leader Szutta and Officer Liz.
Until tomorrow,
Tay and Aqua-Expert Owen.


26 22.7 S / 153 17.1 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: NW@ 8 kts. Swell: 120/1m. Temp: 18.