Captain's Log
V05/20 Geelong to Melbourne
16 March 2020

Day 8 – Command Day

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to day eight of our voyage. On a normal day I would be writing a full days log explaining what we have experienced, observed and achieved but as of 1300 today I handed the ship over to Youth Crew Captain Challenge and his loyal Crew for their 27hr Command Day so this responsibility has now fallen upon his Crews shoulders and I am sure that you will enjoy reading about their exploits.Until tomorrow evening, take care.Yours Aye Captain Gav.Starting our day off once again with a lovely morning groove on mid-ship at 0630 we followed with a nice long stretch, stretching out the bad vibes and breathing in the good. The usual routine following breakfast, watching the sunrise and smelling pretty. Happy hour had us moving and grooving in the 12 berth.
Breaking off into our watches, we were set a challenge by our watch leaders to reflect on home and think about things that we want to stop doing, start doing and continue doing to be the best versions of ourselves. After some deep thoughts and writing we shared what we were comfortable with and really delved into the best parts of life.
At 1300 the real fun began, the ship was officially handed over to the youthies for command day. We experienced some initial chaos plans but plans slowly started to fall into place. Straight off the bat we were set with the challenge of finding clues on where we are to navigate to. Two youthies climbed aloft to attain a riddle which told us where our navigation instructions were located upon the beach. A crew of six then paddled the RHIB (small boat on the back of the ship) ashore with canoe paddles to get our navigation instruction. With all clues we set a plan for the day including a route to reach our destination of the Port Phillip Bay Heads. Just before setting sail we all climbed aloft together to get a photo of our adventure. Ticking off on one of our 23 command day activities we set off into the horizon with our trusty youthie crew calling the shots under close inspection from staffies.

Hope you all had a great day and we’ll see you all soon.
Sam and Zac


39 03.1 S / 146 13.7 E


Currently located 10nm to the east of Oberon Bay and experiencing moderate 10-15ENE winds with a .5m SE swell. Our current speed is 5kts and the temperature is 16 degrees.