Captain's Log
V10/21 Airlie Beach to Mackay
17 August 2021

Day 8 – Command Day

We started the day with a barbeque on mid-deck – queue bacon and egg burgers – followed by a refreshing swing off the boat into our personal pool (aka the ocean).The youth crew then took command of the ship at 1000, and will have command of the ship till 1000 tomorrow. We (the youthies) had the ship underway by 1130, the weather was pretty good with sunny skies and a calm but steady wind. Vibes were kept high almost all day, with various task that were on the task sheet being completed, such as a large mural that was drawn with chalk at mid-deck.Our navigators, Abi and Georgia, set our course (basically ensuring we didn’t get lost); Charley (our sailmaster) directed the routine of the ship; our chefs Gella and Elijah made sure we didn’t starve by providing a delicious lunch and dinner; our watch leader, Aims directed and coordinated the sails in accordance with our sailmaster, and I (Frankie) the captain (for 24 hrs) was mostly at the helm and worked with a great crew for the day.In association with one of Captain Charlie Farley’s previous quotes to us “bite off more that you can chew, then chew like hell”. We as a group and crew fully believe that we did our best today and I’m very proud of everyone. (Acting) Captain Frankie.The 2300-0030 anchor watch would like to say goodnight to everyone at home! You’ll be sleeping, but we won’t.We’re so proud of our shipmates for their awesome effort this command day, there were some tough moments, but we all pulled through. We’re looking forward to a tomorrow that was just as fun and as busy today.Grace, Georgia & Adrian


20 53.9 S / 149 25.4 E


Weather: Fine and clear. Wind: Light and variable. Temp: 19. Swell: Nil.