Captain's Log
13 September 2022

Day 8 – Command Day (part 1)

Ahoy there!
Today marked the eighth day of voyage 11/22, Command Day.

Anchored overnight off the iconic Noosa Heads, the day began with a delicious BBQ breakfast courtesy of Jarod and Shaun on the tongs. After our delicious breakfast, we raised the flags (once again to half mast for our late Queen Elizabeth) and all sang the national anthem. Next we rolled straight into happy hour and cleaned the ship like a well oiled machine after seven days of practice. Then it was time for the meat of the day, what we had all been waiting for since the beginning of the voyage, the handing over of command from staff crew to us youthies. Our elected captain Sienna received the keys to the ship from Captain Adam Charlie Farley and the ship was offically ours for the next twenty-four hours.

We received a list of twenty-six tasks to complete whilst under command of the ship. The first order of business was to solve a series of riddles to find our navigational instructions, essential for our voyage ahead. As members of the youth crew were delegated roles and searched for clues our attention was stolen for a brief moment by a pod of curious whales that passed by less than fifteen metres from the ship. After this magestic moment we all split up to work on our tasks.

After finding our instructions, it was all hands on deck to start the first major group task, to construct a rope hammock that could support the entire youth crew.

Other youthies scrambled to complete the long list of smaller tasks as our elected officers finalised our navigation way-points.

Our wonderful elected chefs Ava, Ali and Daly graced us with wonderful pastries for lunch and freshly cooked brownies in the afternoon.

At 1515 we were prepared to set sail after practicing our tacks for the upcoming voyage. We weighed anchor and began setting sails, heading east toward our second way-point. By 1630 we had reached our way-point, jumping from speeds of 2.5 knots to 5.5 knots. This allowed us to estimate we will hit way-point three by 1940.

Currently it is 1925 and we are about to attempt our first tack under youth crew command. It’s all hands on deck and we’re prepared for anything.

Fair winds and following seas, Seb.

Dear Tina, you’re alright. Yours truly, Oliver.