Captain's Log
2 June 2011

Day 8 – Command Day

Hi Everyone, Command Day commenced at 1300 this afternoon when I handed Youth Crew Captain Ronald the\\\’Telescope of Challange\\\’. Since then the Youth Crew have been busy completing tasks and most importantly sailing this fantastic Ship. One of the many tasks to be completed over the 24hr period is to write the Captains Log, so please find attached tonights log entry from Captain Ronald and his Crew.Enjoy!Yours AyeCaptain Gav Hello to all friends and family that are reading from behalf of the Youth Crew This is Youth Commander Ronald Eyles. As I sit to write this, the entire youth crew are running this beautiful 239 tonne Brigantine all by them selves. What a testament to all the qualities, skills, personalties and over all enthusiasm that each individual person brings to the crew as a whole.We started the day with a 0700 wake up call with the song ���Beautiful Day’ by U2 blasting through the P.A system. A beautifully fitted song for the Youth Crew’s big day ahead. After having yet another beautiful meal cooked by our master of a chef Adrian, we headed upstairs for the usual start to the day with morning brief followed by HAPPY HOUR (daily cleaning). We then had round of rope races and headed down for lunch.1pm hit and it was time for the wonderful staff to hand over the ship to the newly elected Youth Crew, intrusting the care of this wonderfully loved vessel into the hands of those they have only known for 8 days. Such an awesome responsibility that the youth crew have spent the last 8 days becoming more and more excited and nervous about. The time had come and all gathered on midship for the ceremonial handover of the ship from the Great Captain Gav to me, the very excited and honoured Youth Captain Ronald.The new Command team then began to plan their course from Port Arthur to Bonnet Point. While the Cooks got underway with their huge job of feeding 35 crew on deck (which they did a wonderful Job of) and the new watch teams decided there new names, ���Danger Watch’, ���Bay Watch’ and ���Stop Watch’ as appose to Red, White and Blue Watch.Upon looking through our assigned tasks it became aware that we had to row a team of 8 onto Port Arthur to claim a piece of land by raising a flag in sight of the ship and singing the national anthem through a hand held radio so that the crew on board could hear also. They even managed to get a few tourists to sing along with them. Was such a great task which gave the team a good start to boost the spirits and get the FUN ball rolling.We then all ate the first meal cooked by the new Cooks on board at 1815 and planned to leave anchor at 1930. Having all eaten, we then got up on deck to stand by tacking stations and begin our own voyage With a zero degree wind angle we managed to sail out from Port Arthur, a great feet for a first time crew!By the time we finished our very first tack as a team we come onto a wind angle of 60 degrees which gave us a leisurely sail out with the sun setting to our east, people passing around the guitar, writing songs and continuing to tick off the list of many tasks appointed to us to achieve before 1300 tomorrow. We are currently carrying a course of 190 degrees and still another hour and a half away from our next tack, which will put us directly into the wind. So until then people are catching up on rest. Those who are awake have added something below. Those who aren’t are certainly missing all you guys.I would like to say a BIG hello to family back home, SHAZNEZ and most of all my BEAUTIFUL girlfriend, I am having the most amazing time and cant wait to see youThat is all from me for now, until tomorrow, goodnight and wish us luckBrooke here, just thought I’d have a word. The weather is cold, windy and miserable, I miss the sunny Gold Coast. Despite the conditions the moral is good I miss you mummy and daddy Hey to everyone back home, its Estelle. There are so many stars out here peeping through the gale force winds��_ Give me temperamental Melbourne weather over this Tasmanian seven degree summer any day. Nah��_ having a blast . x.Hey guys, it’s Riley��_ I’m having an amazing time! Missing you all lots.. Love ya long time xxxHey, Robyn here. I’m having heaps of fun here just got freezing though feels like we’re almost in Antarctica! I miss yaz heaps I love you and I’ll see you soon 🙂


43° 20' South / 147° 55' East


Time 2235 - Currently in Storm Bay and experiencing strong -very strong 25-30kt W/SW winds with a 1.5m SW swell.