Captain's Log
4 November 2015

Day 8 – Alboran Sea

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 8 of our voyage. Well overnight we successfully transited through the Straits of Gibraltar and have now entered the Alboran Sea.While all this has been going on we have continued to maintain an average speed of 7kts, so currently all is going well. Overnight the World Voyagers (our name for this Crew) while on watch will complete their ‘Full Value Contracts’ and continue to develop their navigation skills.Tonight Kimbo and Cara from Red Watch volunteered to write the Captains Log so please enjoy reading about their day.Until tomorrow, take care Yours AyeCaptain Gav Captains Log 11 Apr 15Argh me hearties!We are now seasoned pirates! We awoke to a glorious day feeling like we were floating on a cloud of dreams. The blissful sound of Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’ filled our ears as our vestibular systems sighed with relief. The Mediterranean has blessed us with beaut weather today and no swell just moderate wind chop!!! Woot woot.Everyone has spent the day filling their freshly sea detoxed bellies with AA-Rons Post Chunder Nutritional Plan (PCNP).If we weren’t feeling psyched enough some dolphins decided to join us for a good 20 minutes in the mid morning. This saw most sleepy faces up on deck lit up like Christmas.All jokes aside, today was very educational. We had Sea Stories: Episode 1 from Taffy, an update from our fearless leader Gav and our hearts were warmed with some terrible dad jokes from Knuckle. Finally the brains of the outfit, Miquela, taught us the way around the world with the help of her trusty watermelon. Just sayin’, we’re all navigational wizards now and the watermelon was very tasty.Watches all settled into their routines practicing at the helm, looking out for contacts, monitoring the weather and the engine room. Most made it for a climb up and down the foremast today taking in the sights of the open seas and maintaining submarine and orca watch, of course!The ‘eveready reddies’ dominated the first of our fiercely competitive Rope Races with safety being the name of the game. Go Red! (or Rid for our NZ friends). Our ever enthusiastic watch leader, Lauren, was very proud.We leave you now with our words of wisdom as we sail on into the night.“Life is like a 44 metre ship, you never know what you’re going to get, so just roll with it.”Adios amigos,Kimbo and Cara   P.s. Happy 21st Tyrone, hope it’s warmer there in the Bronx Brutha.p.p.s. Happy birthday to Daniel and Abbey, love Cara” 


36° 30' North / 2° 25' West


At present we are located 140nm to the East of Gibraltar enjoying moderate NE winds with .5m ENE swell. Current temperature is 14 degrees.