Captain's Log
7 March 2014

Day 7 – Youth Crews Captains Log

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 7 of our voyage. Over the past six nights you have the opportunity to read my Captains log so I thought that it was about time that I had a night off and let the Youth Crew write the log for this evening so that you can hear first hand what their day has entailed. Please find attached tonight’s log wonderfully written by Bridget, Nat and Cass. Until tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav PS. Total distance travelled at 2000 this evening was 906.1nm YOUTH CREWS CAPTAIN’S LOG VOYAGE 14/14 Ahoy me hearties, Youthies Bridget, Nat and Cass checking in at 1700 hours today from off the coast of Newcastle on Day 7 of our voyage. All three watches sailed well overnight, averaging a speed of 6.65kts and covering a total distance of 79.8nm (147kms). Leaving Port Macquarie this morning, the Young Endeavour travelled gently along the coast in good weather conditions.White watch were greeted this morning by a pod of dolphins at sunrise and Blue watch saw a cheeky appearance from a whale during the forenoon watch, while atop the topgallant yard.This morning’s antics began with Salty’s entourage displaying an enthralling and educational show, teaching his young sailors the origins of the term ‘hi jack’. We had an encore appearance from our beloved Nana, who again entertained and perhaps petrified a few of the youth crew with misplaced items from their bunks. To show our gratitude toward Nana’s gracious cleaning abilities we learnt and performed her favourite sailing song.The youth crew put their knowledge of sailing into practice as they did a rotational tack of the jib, the fore staysail, the main staysail, and the main sail. With such fine tacking displayed, the youthies were rewarded with nachos! After indulging in a midday siesta, Blue, Red and White watch returned to midships for a battle of Sumo’s ‘Rope Races’. Today, this involved a team challenge where each watch had to eat an apple out of a bucket, and Red Watch made the speediest time. At 1530 hours the Youth Crew watched a video by Dr Karl explaining the basics of navigating using a sextant, an apparatus which allows ships to navigate using the stars as points of contact. Sunset was spent utilising the sextant, as we watched the sun set over Newcastle. As we are running ahead of schedule, tomorrow, we are anchoring at Patonga Beach, Broken Bay, where we are going to have a go of the ship’s rope swing and look around at the entrance to the beautiful Hawkesbury River. It will be strange to be back on land, our sea legs will be tested. Until next time, Yours aye, Cass (Muswellbrook, NSW), Nat (Rockhampton, QLD) and Bridget (Wagga Wagga, NSW)


33° 27' South / 151° 32' East


Currently located 8nm to the NE of Broken Bay and experiencing light NE-NW winds with a 1.5m SE swell. Current temperature is 13 degrees.