Captain's Log
4 October 2015

Day 7 – Straits of Gibraltar

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 7 of our voyage. The pleasing news is that we departed Cadiz on schedule this morning and now that the ‘weather gods’ have smiled upon us we are currently transiting through the Straits of Gibraltar.The World Voyage Crew have been busy all day setting and furling sails, tacking ship and this evening settling into their sea watches. Most have now gained their sea legs and given the favourable weather forecast I am sure that it won’t be to long before all signs of seasickness have completely disappeared.Tonight I would like to send a special thank you to Comandante Juan Carlos Gomez Vidal and our friends from Armada Espanola who provided such great support during our visits to Cadiz. Without this assistance I am sure that we would not have achieved the repairs that we needed to and departed Cadiz this morning on schedule. Again, Many Thanks!!Tonight Blue Watch volunteered to write the Captains Log so please enjoy reading about their day.Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavCaptain’s Log – 10 APRIL 15 :: Day 7–The seas were shaken at the rising of the sun with the rumbling roar of Bono, calling to the skies and echoing off the hull, “It’s a beautiful day.” As the weary world voyagers arose to the soothing sounds of U2, spirits were lifted when their words came to truth and were replaced with the gentle hum of two serviced and fully operational Perkins Sabre 215 Straight 6 Turbo Diesels, a testament of Linsdey, Taffy and Shaun’s hard work and the start of a beautiful day.With repairs completed, stores were replenished through the greatest human chain known to Young Endeavour, bringing fresh supplies aboard to the domain of the half-crazed cook, “Double AA-Ron.”“CAST OFF ONE,” was the cry from Knuckle that signalled our departure from Cadiz, a moment now carved into the history of the ages. With a kingly send off including Spanish gifts from our beloved pilot, champion of our harbour, our recent home, château de Cadiz, we were off. The glee was soon replaced with the labour of 24 world voyagers under the instruction of the expert staff sea-dogs guiding us, hauling the sheets, checking away at the furling lines and setting the sails. Under wind, diesel and Knuckle’s faultless skill of finding every pothole in the Atlantic, we pushed forth towards the Strait of Gibraltar.Today was a day of learning, achievement and teamwork. Countless sails were set, furled and reset again in an effort to better understand Captain Gav’s repetitive learning techniques, building close bonds between world voyagers through the blisters we now all share. Calls of “Blue Watch, prepare to set the fore staysail!” were only muted by “Red Watch, standby to furl the topgallant staysail!” and echoed with “White Watch, set the main staysail!” All the while the dedicated hum of “Two, six, HEAVE” could be heard ringing across the seas as we began to embrace the new found skills passed to us.Conditions for sailing have improved dramatically, with sea swells reduced from the nineteen metre peaks we had seen at our last attempt to pass through the strait. Wind was in our favour driving us closer to our goal. The seven sea monsters previously blocking our pass had also returned to the darkness from whence they came and allowed us passage and safe journey. Those taken by the devastating effects of the sickness of the seas were (mostly) resurrected, and the power of the world voyagers grew with their return to duties.We of the mighty Blue Watch (Logan, Brendan, Jarrod, Chook, Lillie, Alan, Caitlin, Hannah and Shaun) have just returned from a sunset climb, ascending the foremast to the lower top to view the sun falling behind the horizon to the stern. All the while watching the slowly brightening lights at the bow, highlighting Tanger, Morocco on the North African coast. It has been an incredible day for all on the ship, with stronger stomachs and our first day under sail; it has shown all the world voyagers the more enjoyable side of sailing.”


35° 53' North / 5° 27' West


Currently transiting through the Straits of Gibraltar and experiencing moderate - strong 15-20kt  ENE winds with a 1.5m ENE swell. Current temperature is 13 degrees.