Captain's Log
18 July 2016

Day 7 – Some More Bad Weather

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day seven of our voyage. The weather continued to deteriorate during the early hours of this morning and by morning brief we were experiencing very strong 30-35kt NE winds with a 2m swell and passing showers.

These conditions again brought on some more bouts of seasickness in some of the crew and made it difficult to plan the days activities so it was decided that after cleaning stations we would stand the Youth Crew down for an hour in the hope that the weather would improve.

Thankfully this did occur when the wind started to moderate just after 1000 and the conditions quickly improved which then allowed me to conduct my sail theory presentation at 1030.

Lunch followed then it was straight into another round of rope races followed by demonstrational tacks, Captains Setting and Furling drills then to complete the afternoon’s activities a Man Overboard Exercise (MOBEX).

Once we had recovered the lifebuoy from this exercise we altered course to the west and transited the short distance to Dunk Island where we came safely to anchor at 1710.

This evening I conducted the Command Day Brief which was followed by Command Day Elections then to finish of an extremely busy day we screened the classic Tall Ship movie ‘Around Cape Horn’ which was shown up on deck under the stars.

The time is now 2100 and the Youth Crew have just settled into their anchor watches for the night ensuring that they will be well rested for the commencement of tomorrows 24hr command period.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


17 56 / 146 07 S


Currently at anchor at Dunk Island and enjoying light SSW winds with nil swell and the temperature is a pleasant 19 degrees.