Captain's Log
V03/19 Sydney to Hobart
2 July 2019

Day 7 – River Derwent and Hobart

Ahoy shipmates…last night of the voyage. Tomorrow we finish the voyage with the Wooden Boats Festival Parade of Sail, before berthing at 1430 and bidding farewell to the Youth Crew. It’s been fun having this group of the Young Endeavour family back on board, and as Mads and Ben have so eloquently described todays events, I’ll leave the last word to them. Fair winds, Captain Kenny——

Captain’s Log – Day 7
The final day of this Young Endeavour returnee voyage began with White Watch wearing the ship so as to not wake everyone for a tack. How nice it was for Blue and Red watches to not be woken by one final “all hands to taking stations!”
Overnight watches were wet and chilly, but spirits were kept high by singing and dancing in the bridge. Another beautiful breakfast by Jenko preceded a gentle cruise into the Derwent River under sail. Sadly, we said goodbye to some youthies in the morning, so they could make their flights home and return to the real world – on land.
Shortly after lunch, we were joined by some loved ones and media representatives to show them our rekindled sailing spirit and seamanship. We lay aloft, set sail, tacked and demonstrated what this amazing vessel is capable of when handled by true professionals (with two weeks experience).
We are currently anchored at Wrest Point, and have a first class view of both Hobart City and the magnificent boats arriving for the My State Australian Wooden Boat Festival. We took the opportunity to spend an hour in town, spoiling ourselves with coffee and ice cream, while trying to act like normal civilians and overcome our crippling cabin fever. Ha. Ha.
As a last hurrah, we enjoyed pizza on the deck, a round of trivia (three way tie between Staffies, White and Blue Watch – Reddies had quickly reverted to land lubbery…) and a plastic mug of non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice. What an emotional night.
We sat together with a collective nostalgia, watched a magnificent sunset over the Derwent, and celebrated Brett Ross’ last voyage. CPOMT Ross has been the resident Engineer on the YE for two years, and has shown us a glimpse of his genuine character, quick wit and ingenuity. What an honour this voyage has been for us ‘Youthies’ to be a part of. From the restless and queasy beginnings of Feb 1, to this calm and heartfelt last night, we have all thoroughly enjoyed and relished this rare chance to jump back on board to create lifelong memories, new friends and tackle the high seas together. What a joy it is to be young at heart.
Ben and Mads (the mad cows.)


42 54s / 147 20e


Wind: NW at 5kts Weather: Fine Location: At anchor Sandy Bay, Hobart