Captain's Log
V14/21 Sydney to Sydney
21 November 2021

Day 7 – Port Hacking

Ahoy there ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls. The morning of day 7 found us in the vicinity of Port Hacking, in wet, lumpy and windy conditions. Watches conducted teamwork exercises overnight and then demonstrational tacks took place first thing, after our morning brief. Demo tacks is the last piece of the puzzle regarding ship handling when altering course and specifically how to drive a tack/wear from the bridge.We conducted several wears (gybes) then flashed up engines and proceeded into Port Hacking. Enough sloppy seas already! Once securely at anchor it was time for setting and furling or sail handling validation which is an opportunity for Reggie the Engineer and myself to assess the competence and safety of our Youthies in their sail handling skills. After watching them set and furl a couple of sails each, I’m happy to say, ladies and gents, they did us all proud and executed in a very seamanlike manner. Well done team, we said, in unison. And there were some high fives slapped. Then it was time to get out of our soggy wet weather gear and have a wee chill. Chill completed, I gave them the Command Day brief. Yes, boys and girls, Command Day is tommorrow! I know!! So I spoke about the purpose and the mission and the manning and a few hints and tips, dear readers… I could definitely sense their excitement 🙂 Next we played a bit of a game and then had dinner and then it was election time! Excitement!! Anyway, without further ado, here are the results: Captain – Ryan, Sailmaster – Will, Navigator is Cam, Watch Leaders are Jade and George and the chefs will be Angus and Maddie. Wowee. The remainder will be halved into the most important people, the watches, Salt and Pepper… or should I say Salty and Pepper. Well done youth crew and I’m told there was no blood or tears during this process… which is always nice. As such, they were rewarded with a night at the movies… our favourite movie was played and we all watched in awe and admiration. Thanks for tuning in folks, Youth Crew will now turn-to anchor watches and keep us all safe overnight. Stay safe yourselves and tune in tomorrow to see how our sea dogs have fared. Yours aye, Captain Adam Charlie Farley+


34 04 S / 151 09 E


Wind: SE @ 15kts. Swell: E @ 0.5m. Temp: 17. Weather: Rain.