Captain's Log
10 January 2013

Day 7 – Jervis Bay to Sea

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the ship remained at anchor at Montague Roadstead in Jervis Bay, in company with the other Tall Ships Bark Endeavour and James Craig.Early morning activity consisted of a swim and rope swing. Most of the returnees took advantage of the opportunity. That was followed by a ‘Teak Deck BBQ’ breakfast. The wind had picked up overnight and continued to strengthen during the morning. At 1000 it backed westerly and strengthened to 40 knots. Today’s morning brief was taken over by a mutinous band of pirates who appeared in an assortment of very imaginative costumes. (I think the Eden $2 shops had done well out of our visit!). The pirates hi-jacked our morning program and following Happy Hour subjected the staff to a pirate aerobics session; Staffy Ropies, for which the bonus round was an elimination arm-wrestle, and a 12 berth dance party.I had been in contact with the Captain of Bark Endeavour (BE) and he was weighing anchor manually this morning, an evolution which takes nearly 2 hours. I asked if he could use some strong young bodies to provide some additional muscle power and he jumped at the opportunity. Once I had wrestled control of the Ship back from the mutineers, a boat was dispatched containing six returnees and Staffy Jen and they remained onboard BE for a couple of hours, which included a detailed tour of the Ship. We embarked them again of Huskisson and they all returned with fascinating stories of their experience.The three Tall Ships then sailed south towards the Darling Roads anchorage to have a closer look at the variety of Australian and foreign warships anchored there. As we did so a column of 3 Australian frigates entered the bay and we got a close look at them when they went past us. As we altered course to the east to exit Jervis Bay we were passed by more groups of warships entering.Once clear of the bay we altered course to the north and the group of three Tall Ships commenced the passage to Sydney. The intention is to remain in company overnight.Until tomorrow evening.Yours AyeCaptain Mike     “ 


34° 50' South / 151° 3' East


At sea 10 miles north of Jervis Bay - Wind SW at 22 Kn, Weather fine, Swell northerly at 1.0 metres, Temp 17 deg C.