Captain's Log
V13/19 Sydney to Newcastle
11 October 2019

Day 7 – Hello Nelson Bay!

Ahoy shipmates…Day 7 and Command Day Looms! After a pleasant run up the coast we arrived in Nelson Bay in the early hours of the morning and have had a jam packed day exploring Port Stephens, preparing for Command Day, and enjoying a peaceful twilight teak deck BBQ. As I write the Command Day elections have just completed (see below) and the youth crew are enjoying a showing of the documentary ‘Around Cape Horn’ in our open air cinema…motivation for tomorrow. Once again youthies (Paris and Emma) have eloquently put the day into their own words…so that’s it from me. Looking forward to the adventures of the next few days (and putting my feet up while the youth crew take charge). Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.———-

Captains Log: Day 7 -10 November 2019
Blue Watch: Paris and Emma
Paris and Emma here, writing today from Nelson bay in Port Stephens. Blueys woke up in the early hours for the ‘guts’ watch at 0001 to 0400 to guide the ship safely through the headlands to anchor into Nelson Bay at 0345. The winds intensified and became gusty as we headed for port, but our newly learnt maritime Rules of the Road helped us navigate by the light of the channel markers.
On completion of night watches and after all youthies had breakfasted with deliciously hot victuals we headed for morning brief. We had Tracey tell some interesting facts about Port Stephens and then Harry ferried us all ashore in the tender. Once we gained our land legs back we started our 8km trek to the top lookout of the beautiful Tomaree head. On the way back our land legs then led us through the markets of Shoal bay onwards to the local marina café for some well-deserved ice-cream, milkshakes and hot chips. As we headed back to the old girl, we were welcomed back by the sights of bottlenose dolphins in the marina putting us in high spirits for lunch and happy hour (cleaning hour). Then it was time for the highly competitive/non-competitive rope races with youthies battling it out over the issue of square sails. As always, the final challenge was a nail biter as the watches were tasked with safely delivering an egg (which represented their watch leader) from the course yard with homemade materials provided from Engineer Reggie. With blue watch starting off it was a close call as the egg’s parachute was caught amongst the wind heading for the sea but was saved in the last moments by the well placed foremast gantline, before the careful landing of the un-cracked egg on the deck (up the bluies!!). The redies and whities put up a solid fight but unfortunately had a rough flight to deck causing some yolk-leakage.
In preparation for command day tomorrow, Captain Kenny delivered some useful advice to the youthies for electing positions and wise words to help our team performance. Soon afterwards Tracey held a navigation master class to ensure prospective navigators can safely guide us to Newcastle in one piece (fingers crossed). Thanks to the Northerly clear weather and calm swell, tonight’s dinner will be a barbeque on deck with a range of snags and Aussie game such as, emu, kangaroo and croc (which we originally thought was chicken…crickey!) and some fresh salads on the side to fill the gap. We participated in deck games – way too much fun and laughter – will close the day before we commence our anchor watches. With a good night of sleep expected, due to the calm conditions of the friendly Nelson Bay, we will be well rested for tomorrows challenges.
COMMAND DAY RESULTS – Captain – Curly, Sailmaster – Doug, Navigator – Lexie, Watch Leaders – Sam, Macca and Courtney, Chefs – Scottie, Chloe and Jacko. Congrats to all and good luck!
Shoutouts: Paz- Ahoy there from the high seas to my loved ones back on land…I’m having the best experience swapping my land legs for sea legs and school student for sailor girl. Not long left now, miss and love you all…see you soon. P.s Lachie, I got a bottom bunk (SCORE!).
Em- Hi Mum and Dad, having a brilliant time on the high seas being part of our motley crew of youthies. You’ve probably realized by now but we stayed in Sydney Harbour on the first night (hope you still enjoyed your dinner overlooking the harbour mouth, minus the silhouette of the Young Endeavour!). Love you both and can’t wait to tell you all about this incredible adventure! P.S. please give Pip a cuddle for me


33 42s / 152 08e


Wind: SE at 8 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Nelson Bay