Captain's Log
31 July 2016

Day 7 – Dunk Island

Ahoy there friends and followers,
Gee I’ve missed you lot, it feels like ages since we spoke, what with the youthies writing the last couple of logs and all.
So then, where to begin? Last night I guess… (whimsical music is heard as the tape is rewound to a scene on a tallship at night… zooms in on a loud speaker…)
“Hands to tacking stations, hands to tacking stations!”
We conducted a few tacks overnight… Did I say a few? I meant many… Yes, there were many tacks! And each one we all woke up and did our duty. But that’s what we do, no-one asks questions we just do it. It’s like some kind of hypnotism, makes us do those things… and the Sailmaster, he makes us do those things!
In the morning Mr Horton – the engineer – and myself, took each watch through their paces to assess their sail handling ability. Pleasingly they all did extremely well, testament to the skills passed down from their ‘sea-daddy/mummy’ (aka watch leader), and also the hard work they’ve been putting in, to practice these skills and becoming more familiar with their ship and proficient sailors. After much celebrating and hi-fiving, sails were handed in and we came to anchor in a lovely little spot between Dunk and Mound Island.
The aboriginal name for Dunk Island is Coonanglebah or “the island of peace and plenty”, which is very apt, as after lunch everyone went ashore for a bit of rest and relaxation, and a milkshake from the café. Others after a bit more adventure, hiked to the peak of Mt Kootaloo (271m). A good old leg stretch is great therapy after a few days at sea confined to a 44m vessel. The boats were sent to retrieve our personnel at 1500 and then ‘muscle beach’ was opened to several muscle bound sailors to expand their pecs, etc. Others less inclined, washed clothes and/or had a wee snooze.
At 1700, ladies and gentlemen, it was time for yours truly to give these salty, sea dogs their Command Day brief as, yes that’s right! It is tomorrow!! Gee that time went, didn’t it?
So I gave them the good oil on what goes down, then we ate a lovely BBQ dinner cooked superbly by our resident Englander – assistant watch leader – Charlie (he’s on an exchange program through Sail Training International). He later admitted to being a little nervous as us “Aussies are the BBQ masters” as he said. True that. Anyway, up we ate then the Command Day elections took place, and I have the honour to announce, dear readers, that the following folk were elected to key positions:
Captain – Liam
Sailmaster – JJ
Navigator – Jess
Watch Officer – Macca
Watch Leaders – Bonnie, Seb and Lou
Chefs – Grace, Nate and Byron.
The remainder will be split up into three watches and will be heavily involved regardless of position.
What a fantastic job they did – with a fair and democratic election – and I reckon they will put on an outstanding Command Day.
I can’t wait.
So, until then… then. Good night.
Yours Aye,
Captain Adam

Shout outs:
To the family back in Tassie, still alive and kicking, loving the weather may need to move up here LOL, Jilanna AKA jayjay
Hello Tess MD et al, hope all is well in Adelaide. Sailing is good. Cya soo, Theo
Mikah, I think I am a better sailor than you – love you lots, Anna
Hello all.. big hug from me – grace


17 55 S / 146 08 E


Fine. Wind: SE 10 Swell: Nil Temp: 24