Captain's Log
V18/18 Brisbane to Newcastle
10 December 2018

Day 7 – Captain’s Setting Furling – and a final Challenge!

Ahoy Shipmates. Day 7 – the penultimate day prior to Command Day. And after mild conditions sailing down the coast from Brisbane, a cold front has hit – it’s a bit chilly on the uppers! After a night at sea weaving through merchant ships waiting to go into Newcastle Harbour, sunrise found us just to the south of Port Stephens. Overnight the Youth Crew had been brushing up on their sail handling skills, and after a hearty breakfast I put them to the test…kicking off Captain’s Setting and Furling. This involves one watch at a time up on deck at a time setting and furling sails as designated by me, without the assistance of their watch leaders. I am pleased to say that all were successful. After a snappy happy hour and lunch, it was then for their final challenge prior to taking over the ship…the Captain’s Challenge. I like to mix things up a bit and the task set the Youth Crew of Voyage 18/18 was to set the topgallant and topsail square sails. This required them to lay aloft and cast loose the gaskets (lines) holding the sails in place, then working together set them to my satisfaction. Pleasingly they worked quite effectively as a team, and the job was finished with time to spare. We then sailed back in to Port Stephens with sails set, proceeding to anchor in Salamander Bay for the night. Once at anchor all the Youth Crew then proceeded aloft to sea furl the both of the square sails, and the main sail. At 1630 and with everyone safely back on deck, I gave the Command Day Brief detailing their responsibilities on Command Day and the positions to be filled. After a delicious teak deck bbq they held their elections with the results as follows: Captain – Ben, Sailmaster – Chris, Navigator – Oscar, Watch Leaders – Dom, Jack T and Lulu, Chefs – Xander, Bella and Jess. To provide some motivation we then showed the documentary ‘Around Cape Horn’ ( a feat Young Endeavour achieved in 2015), which is about a tall ship of yesteryear. This was screened on the upper decks with popcorn and sweets…bit chilly though! As I write the Youth Crew are assuming anchor watches (90 minutes vice the normal 4 hours), eager for a good nights sleep…tomorrow the fun begins and the forecast is for strong winds…perfect for Young Endeavour! That’s about it for now…as always…fair winds…Captain Kenny


32 43s / 152 05e


Wind: ESE at 10 knots Weather: Cold and overcast Swell: Nil Location: At anchor Salamander Bay, Port Stephens