Captain's Log
V07/19 Brisbane to Mackay
17 May 2019

Day 7 – Captain’s Setting and Furling…and Middle Percy Island.

Ahoy shipmates…Day 7…the penultimate day before Command Day! Noting the efforts of our scribes below, I’ll be brief. Suffice to say…another awesome night/morning under sail. Overnight the Youth Crew completed a self reflection activity called Stop, Start, Continue. From all reports everyone found it beneficial. An early start to the day saw us complete Captains’ Setting and Furling as described below, and we then came to anchor in a lovely sheltered anchorage on the north western side of Middle Percy Island…and the rest, as they say, is history (again…see below). Late this afternoon I gave the Command Day brief, explaining the various roles and responsibilities, and as I write the Command Day elections are taking place…the big day looms! Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny.———-

Day 7
Captain Log
Our Captains log for today starts with Captains Setting and Furling tests. These tests were run with Captain Kenny and Engineer Reggie evaluating and ensuring each watch completed the tasks with safety being number one. Every Watch performed with the tasks by the book getting a big tick of approval from Engineer Reggie and Captain Kenny, allowing us to move on to Stage 2 of our Voyage.
Waking to the sunrise across the horizon, the water lay calm as the boat travelled further into the Percy islands until we anchored at the Middle Percy Island. Surrounding us, a warm, turquoise ocean hugged the boat and patterns of colourful floral shirts put on a show. Excitement, and awe spread throughout the members of Young Endeavour like wildfire as we were about to explore an island which has hardly ever been touched.
While some let their inner photographer side shine, sixteen lay aloft to sea furl the topsail, topgallant and main sail. Teamwork, strength, muscle that we didn’t know we had, and of course happiness are just some elements that pieced together the experience we know and now love as climbing. But this was just the beginning.
It was time; time to jump into the boat to take us to the shore of the island. The island reeked of desert island vibes, with an abundance of flora, coconut trees, and goats, a tree house and a lagoon; we just couldn’t help feeling like we were visiting the ‘Blue Lagoon’ island.
On the island we cracked open coconuts and feasted on them, we enjoyed a vigorous game of water polo, went snorkelling and collected sea shells, swung on a rustic rope swing attached to a tree, went for a walk on a track and saw lots of beautifully coloured butterflies, played a combined sports game of baseball and soccer, explored the shack and most of all had fun and bonded together as a crew.
Splashing in the water with such clarity, the view and the joy from the day made this journey one to remember, making a mark of Young Endeavour 07/19 in the very hut dedicated to visitors leaving their items behind in an interactive museum. Nearing close to the end of the marvellous journey we made our way back the ship for a night of mischievous, movies, madness and one hell of a BBQ.
–Brad Pitt, Tyler Russel, Lexus Gold


20 51s / 149 35e


Wind: SE at 10 knots Weather: Passing showers Location: At anchor Middle Percy Island