Captain's Log
V04/21 Sydney to Newcastle
30 May 2021

Day 7 – Captain’s Setting and Furling…and Command Day Elections.

Ahoy shipmates…Day 7 and Command Day looms! Tomorrow we venture to sea…yeeha! Not much for me to say tonight…Charli and Aiden have covered it all below. So, until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K———-
Once more we were awoken by an abrasive crackle of megaphone – a lovely sampling of Starting Over by Chris Stapleton. With the watch’s mellow tone filling our drowsy ears, we scrambled on deck for laps to begin day 7. Have you ever heard of the game Knights, Mounts and Cavaliers? Well, after a short and sweet good morning from our staffie’s and some youthies providing some dead pan stares back we begin the local friendly games of that internationally beloved and dear sport Knights, Mounts and Cavaliers. In the end, Reggie and Lily won, however signs seemed to magically appear around the ship demanding a rematch take place between Reggie and Salty (AKA Jordo).
We all followed on to breakfast provided by the best chef in the galaxy, Kiki Dee! After being given the full 5 star breakfast treatment with bacon, eggs and cheese frittatas, it was time to get on with the day. Morning brief, fun facts from Jemma and an entertaining yet educational performance like no other ramped up the shiply activities.
Given the continued rough conditions at sea, the staffies have wisely decided to remain sheltered in Broken Bay. However! The time was not spent idly with a rigorous navigational challenge in the early hours of the morning (with some minor adjustments), as well as an in depth look into the theory behind sailing given by Kenny, to much fanfare from the youthies.
The ultimate test of the day was put to the YE crew with captain’s furling and setting. This was a major step in the preparations for command day, as a final check to see if the crew can use their newfound skills to operate the sails on their own. This was done by performing ‘racetracks’ (loops) up and down the bay, and many a previously quiet crewmember’s orders could be heard roaring from bow to stern.
Somehow, each of the three watches met Cap Kenny’s lofty standards and he sat us down for a brief on our upcoming command day – the day in which we fresh youthies would navigate, sail and run the Young Endeavour solo. After an unbelievable curry from Kiki Dee we got down to elections. After some debate on the electoral proceedings, rousing (and not altogether factual) speeches from each of the crew, we decided on Captain Hoff, Sailmaster Olie, Naviguesser Alfie, Watch leaders Sahara and Mega Mikey, and Kiki Dee deputies (chefs) Pav, Tayha and Aidan. Given all this excitement and celebration, we were treated with movie night on deck, with the exploits of the Peking tall ship in the golden age of sail. It was old but inspiring, ending the night with collective agreement that despite being challenged, we have it so, so much easier on the Young Endeavour. I think we can all agree that we’re excited and anxious about the coming day. – Charli & Aidan


33 35s / 151 15e


Wind: SW at 5 knots Weather: Overcast Sea: Calm Location: At anchor off Challenger Point, Broken Bay.