Captain's Log
V12/21 Gladstone to Brisbane
9 November 2021

Day 7 – Bribie Island vibes

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Day 7 of Captain’s log… and coincidently, day 7 of the voyage! Funny that. We woke this morning to the sweet sounds of Bob Marley being broadcast over the piping system, Three Little Birds… Classic. Then Sailmaster Keithy invited us all up on deck for a wee spot of exercise and a BBQ breaky. Bacon and eggs on freshly baked bread rolls, whilst the sun rose over Moreton Bay and with Bribie Island astern of us… what a wonderful way to start the day indeed. Then the benevolent Sailmaster allowed us all to go ashore to explore and meet the locals. What fun! I had coffee (flat white, extra shot thanks) with some of the locals who were just grand (my Grandparents actually and Father, for full disclosure). They love their patch and I can see why. Lovely place, Bribie. Anyway, Youthies had a look about and once they had seen enough it was back onboard for lunch. The “Captain and Engineer’s Setting and Furling Validation” was next, which is basically a final sail handling check leading into Command Day, to ensure youthies know what to do and how to do it safely. They all passed of course, these salty sea puppies aren’t just pretty faces, don’t you know!? Rope races came next and Red watch would you believe it, made a stunning come-back. Strewth folks it’s now Red and White, neck-a-neck! We’ve got a race on!! Yew. Then your humble narrator gave these young Australians the old Command Day brief. This involved suggesting positions they may want to elect youthies into, like Captain and Sailmaster, etc. and what the caper will be tomorrow when I hand the ship over to them… a few nervous laughs were snorted, ladies and gents, whilst a few others appeared pretty confident. Keen to see how it plays out? We’ll keep you posted. Anyhow, news just in: Hayden has been elected Captain, Jesse the Sailmaster and Amedy the Navigator. Whilst Corty and Emaan are the Watch Leaders and Kaitlyn and Tom will be chefs. There you have it folks. Wowee! You better check back in this time tomorrow night to see how they fare. Until then we will remain at anchor here at lovely Bribie and kick off Command Day at 1300 tomorrow. Stay safe out there beautiful people. Captain Adam Charlie Farley out+


27 03.6 S / 153 12.4 E


Wind: N @ 18kts. Temp: 17. Swell: Nil. Weather: Fine.