Captain's Log
V09/21 Cairns to Airlie Beach
8 February 2021

Day 6 – Whitsundays bound

Wowee what a night! The watch leaders put our teamwork to the test with Blue and Red watches practising putting up the storm Jib without any help and White watch furling all the sails on their own, all working with what we’ve learnt so far. We then had a lovely awakening to White Watches rendition of ‘Here Comes the Sun’ followed by a great breakfast from Adam.

After some fun facts about Bowen, which we passed overnight, from Jemma, a terrifying visit from cleaning Nana, we had our most coherent performance from Shiphouse productions about rats and ducks on ships. Nana taught us a new dance before we went to our happiest hour of the day. Tori gave us a great talk about how to use the weather to our advantage all around the globe before we headed to another amazing lunch. After a game of Rope Races we practised some tactical tacking and got to see it from the bridge perspective to give us some idea for our quickly upcoming command day.

We also had the opportunity to unfurl one of the square sails. This afternoon was very relaxed with some climbs up the masts and chilling on the bowsprit. We were treated to some incredible displays from the local Whitsundays wildlife (whales AND a curious dolphin!) as we drift around (not much wind ). Looking forward to seeing some more beautiful (and occasionally shooting) stars on watch tonight. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! …………………………….. Shout out to Mum, Dad, the girls and Rex – from Hannah. …………………………….. Happy Birthday Mum!


20 06.2 S / 148 46.2 E


Weather: Clear and still. Wind: Nil. Swell: Nil. Temp: 20.