Captain's Log
9 January 2012

Day 6 – Trial Bay to Sea

Ahoy there, We awoke on the first day of Spring at 0630 to the sounds of Rico’s rousing voice and his choice of a stirring song to motivate the crew to get out of their racks and up on deck. Once there the crew were advised that the morning activity consisted of a chance to use the rope swing and have a swim off the Ship’s side. Most crew members took the opportunity for a swim, despite the chilly air temperature (9 deg C). The water temperature was quite a bit warmer so that made it quite bearable. Once showered and changed we were treated to a teak-deck BBQ bacon and egg breakfast. Squiz had baked some fresh bread and there was also fresh fruit, porridge and yoghurts available. Tough choice! breakfast and prepared to set some of the fore-and-aft sails. At 0900 and we sailed from anchor northwards into Trial Bay and commenced Demonstrational Tacks, the purpose of which is to prepare the youth crew for the challenges of Command Day by showing them how the bridge runs during Tacking Stations and all the considerations for the planning and conduct of a tack or wear. Once all of the youth crew had cycled through the bridge we gathered everyone together for the Morning Brief, during which we heard from Salty about the nautical origin of the expression ‘to turn a blind eye’. Nana also paid a visit with a few clothes she had found sculling around and also taught the crew a new song, Knife-Fork –Spoon. It was obvious from the vibe at the Morning Brief that the time ashore and the night in a sheltered anchorage had done a treat for everyone’s energy levels and enthusiasm. We then dined on some of Squizy’s delicacies for lunch, prior to launching into a much-needed happy hour due to not being able to find time for it yesterday. While these activities were going in we made ground to the south east under sail. On completion we handed in sail to enable us to motor-sail towards our next destination of an anchorage in Port Stephens. The required course was as close as we could get to the direction of the 27 knot SSE wind and 3.0 metre swell. This promised to be an uncomfortable night, although the forecast is for conditions to ease by tomorrow evening when we expect to anchor in Port Stephens. Yours aye, Captain Mike


31° 18' South / 153° 17' East


Wind: SSE: 27 knots Swell: 3.0 metres from the South Temp: 11 deg