Captain's Log
V04/19 Hobart to Sydney
19 February 2019

Day 6 – Southerlies and Squares, Squares, Squares!

Ahoy shipmates…well another impressive day of sailing. Throughout the day the SW winds gradually backed to the SE, but have maintained strength (20-25kts). At one point today we had everything up bar the main gaff topsail and the fisherman…awesome fun. The YC have been kept busy with morning brief, round 2 of rope races, mid voyage talks, rotational tacks (where each watch learns what the others do at tacking stations) and sail theory. Overnight they will complete a feedback exercise called ‘stop, start, continue’. The wind is forecast to ease, however we are still on track for an early AM arrival in Jervis Bay…our next anchorage. I’ll leave it for the whities to fill in the rest, until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny——

Captain’s Log – Day 6

Captain’s log Day 6, 19/02/2019, Over night while you were all asleep, the youthies were on their watches and were faced with a special mission, the Bear Challenge. They had to assemble either the Storm Jib or the Main Gaff Topsail with limited instructions and only allowed to ask three questions. The winds were cruel, many were sick but all overcame the challenge. When the mighty white team were on watch they witnessed a Shark. Soon after dolphins put on a show for everyone, it was a sight to see. The teams went head to head in Rope Races Round 2, this time it was a test of the youthies knowledge on fore and aft staysails. The youthies then competed to make a machine imitation only by using their bodies and sound (e.g. a washing machine). Today’s delicious lunch was assisted by Ethan, Paige and Luke. The youthies went into Rotational tacks where they ‘broke the laws of sailing’, when they accomplished a Box Haul where the ship reached a record speed of 5.5 knots in reverse, purely under sail. Where they managed to do a perfectly successful tack and headed in the correct direction. Impressive! The youthies then picked the brain of Captain Kenny in a session of Sail Theory.


36 29s / 150 25e


Wind: SSE at 19kts Weather: Overcast Swell: SE at 1.0m Course: 020 Speed: 7kts Location: Off Bermagui