Captain's Log
30 September 2013

Day 6 – Sea to Jervis Bay

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the ship remained at sea on passage to Jervis Bay.After the morning brief and a quick Happy Hour, known as Snappy Hour, I set the Returnees a Captain’s Challenge, which was to set all possible sails by themselves, with safety oversight from my staff of course.When this task commenced the Ship was located 10 miles SE of Jervis Bay and we saw a number of warships operating around us. A couple were launching and recovering helicopters, which gave the crew something to look at as gaskets were cast loose in preparation for setting the square sails. We were also passed by a number of whales and pods of dolphins. After half an hour we had the majority of the fore-and-aft sails set. The Ship then tacked to a westerly course to start closing the coast. The gaskets cast loose, the square sails were then set and the Ship achieved 8 knots with the Jib, Course, Topsail, Topgallant, Main staysail, Topgallant staysail and the Mainsail set.The challenge successfully completed, we began handing-in sail. First the squares were clewed-up which allowed us to alter to a NW heading and then the fore-and-afts were furled and brailed, allowing us to motor directly into wind and towards the entrance to Jervis bay.While we had been working in the approaches to the bay Bark Endeavour and the James Craig joined us from the north. We then all proceeded into the bay and anchored in the NE corner of the bay at the Montague Roadstead.We then put the crew ashore to play some games on the beach organised by Supernumary Shannon. Everyone was back onboard by 1700 and we then enjoyed another of Haydo’s delicious dinners.Having joined company with the two Tall Ships it was decided to remain in Jervis Bay overnight with them and depart and passage north to Sydney together.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Mike   “ 


35° 2' South / 150° 46' East


At anchor in Jervis Bay - Wind: NE / 13 Kn, Weather: fine and partly cloudy, Swell: nil Temp: 16 deg. C