Captain's Log
V17/18 Gladstone to Brisbane
28 September 2018

Day 6 – Lady Musgrave Island

Ahoy shipmates…Day 6 is upon us. Once again we enjoyed pleasant conditions in light winds for our overnight passage from Heron Island to Lady Musgrave Island. The morning was filled with the usual morning brief antics, followed by ‘demonstrational tacks’ where the Youth Crew are talked through the process of tackng the ship from a bridge perspective (i.e. Captain and Sailmaster). Happy hour followed as the staffies took the ship to anchor just off the entrance to the lagoon at Lady Musgrave Island. After lunch the Youth Crew were once again ferried ashore for some exploring of the island, mid voyage talks, swimming and snorkelling. On their return we moved acouple of miles to the western side of the island for a more sheltered overnight anchorage. Once settled all tucked in to a cheese platter, and deck games before savouring another teak deck BBQ. After dinner the Youth Crew the Youth Crew enjoyed an open air movie, watching the documentary ‘Around Cape Horn’ which is all about tall ships of yesteryear…motivation for the not too distant Command Day. It was then into anchor watches overnight. But I’ll let Megs and Harry tell you their version of events

Arrr, Ahoy there raggies; Floral Friday proved to be an eventful and action-packed day. The watches spanning the night/morning of the 27th-28th were spent developing the leadership potential of each watch with the setting of foreign sails proving to be an exhilarating challenge to all. The morning rouse, performed by Blue Watch was a flamboyant yet not unwelcome cover version of “Hey Ya”, which began a day full of adventure. We sailed onwards to Lady Musgrove Island with the majority of the crew sporting flowery and colourful outfits; this would be the place of anchor for the night much to everyone’s excitement. We ventured ashore in order to review goals set on day 1 with our watches, once this had been achieved, we continued to explore the island and surrounding shear-water infested trees to which we found nothing but faecal matter and sadness. This sadness, however, was abated by the growing excitement at the prospect of exploring the surrounding Great Barrier Reef, we saw “burnt sausage and bread and butter” sea cucumbers as described by Meg Hynes of white watch. Many other creatures such as turtles, rays, fish and sharks were also spotted and stroked. The excitement that was felt was heard through the squeals of joy coming from the snorkels of those at sea. The remainder of the afternoon was spent washing clothes and completing our daily rounds of the Young Endeavour. Following the cleansing of the boat, we weighed anchor and moved to a more suitable location for the night. Barbeque dinner on deck was enjoyed as we observed the amber sun sink below the glassy waters. We set up the outdoor cinema at midships and snuggled up for a highly anticipated movie which exceeded all previously held expectations, the action-packed blockbuster commonly known as “Around Cape Horn” unfortunately not featuring Dwayne “the rock” Johnson or bearing any similarities to the Disney movie, “Moana”, however, it provided great perspective into the lives of sailors in the 1930’s and the qualms that come with sailing in that era. Signing off, Meg Hynes and Harry Wilson-Robson, wishing everyone at home a great rest of floral Friday!
“Dad, I used your pirate jokes, and they were good. Good parenting, thanks”-Meg
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23 54s / 152 22e


Wind: NE at 9 knots Weather: Fine Swell: E at 0.5 metres Location: At anchor Lady Musgrave Island