Captain's Log
V13/21 Brisbane to Brisbane
23 September 2021

Day 6 – I’m a rainbow too

Dear readers, day 6 of Voyage 13/21 found the ship at sea adventuring overnight, sailing in a lovely south-easterly breeze and southerly swell. Joy! Teamwork activities took place overnight too, to the east of Fraser Island. Then at 0700, myself and Reggie took each watch through their paces to assess seamanship abilities in setting and furling sails. This activity is a final validation to check their skills and safety prior to Command Day. I’m pleased to say, ladies and gents, they all performed successfully (as expected) and we gave them a big air tick and two thumbs up. Demonstrational Tacks was the next activity on the program, which is an opportunity for everyone to see how a tack works from the bridge. They know how to tack in their regular positions, and they’ve done Rotational Tacks to see how the other watches do it… so this was the final piece of the ‘tacking’ puzzle leading into Command Day. Speaking of which, I gave them the Command Day spiel after lunch, laying down the ins and outs of what to expect, etc… There was nervous tension in the air, my friends. What they needed was a dose of salt water, and that’s what they got as we rigged the rope swing and opened the pool. They were flopping and flipping and flailing. And having lots and lots of fun. A fantastic way to end the day… But a better way is with BBQ tacos on the upper deck as the sun goes down. Yes sir-ee! Spoilt lot these!! Yew. Anyway, Command Day elections took place next and news just to hand… I’m proud to announce that Remi is the Youth Crew Captain, Chelsea Sail Master (mistress), Ben the Navigator, India and Grace are the Watch Leaders and Belle’n’Bec are chefs. Well done and congratulations all. Really looking forward to see how these lovely sea dogs perform and serve their people… Of course I know they will be successful, I am a proud and biased captain  Anyway, I look forward to hearing from Captain Remi tomorrow night. Until then, stay safe. Captain Adam Charlie Farley+


25 56 S / 153 08 E


Wind: 025 @ 5kts. Temp: 16. Swell: Nil. Weather: Clear.