Captain's Log
30 July 2016

Day 6 – Hump day aka Happy 18th!

Ladies and gents, boys and girls…
I hope you are all faring well, as we are, having reached the half way mark in our amazing adventure in the Great Barrier Reef.
It was another action packed day with a night at sea, a close sail past of Zoe Bay, Hinchenbrook Is and some more training to prepare our growing sea dogs for command day. We even celebrated not one but two 18th birthdays!! Happy birthday JJ and Oliver.
Please enjoy the log below written by Liam and Ben.
Captain Adam xoxo

ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHH, ahoy there me harties,
In the wee hours of the 30th of July, 2016, the watches were challenged with a deep and meaningful team building activity. It made them discover their idea of teamwork and good communication skills whilst under testing conditions and strict guidelines. The main lesson was to improve on weaknesses and learn from them.
The ship was awoken by the angelic voice of “WHAM! Wake me Up” to ease the slight rumble in our tummy’s from the rolling seas that arrived during the night. After SCRAN (Stuff cooked by the Royal Australian Navy) from the best chefo in the world (Jenko) we continued towards Jurassic Park (Hinchenbrook Island).
During morning brief we discovered that unfortunately we would not be going ashore to the famous movie set of the mysterious Hichenbrook Island . But we did discover later in morning brief, with the aid the next Hollywood stars (the staffies) the origin of the phrase “Son of a Gun”. It involved a very masculine woman, pillows under dresses, and a cannon.
Midday struck with the sounds of whipping sails, hard working sailors and the moving bow as we learned all the working parts of a manoeuvrer called “tacking” (which changes the direction of the ship) another vital skill required for our command day which looms close off our bow.
Rallying together for another intense test of our sailing knowledge rope races tested some creativity within our wee sea puppies as we scattered to make a variety of everyday objects such as Blue watches magnificent washing machine.
Happy Hour AKA mildly depressing hour where you have to clean the ship, is usually the highlight of the crew’s day, BUT…. today the ship went back to the when men were made of steel and ships were made of wood. We had a half hour with nothing but the wind in our sails, the crashing of the sea and the absence of noisy dirty generators. During this half hour the watches again discussed what they had learnt in the previous days about themselves, fellow crew members and life at sea.
Finally, we celebrated the birthdays Oliver and J.J. with a delicious cake. Both turned the ripe old age of 18. With the wind in our sails and our tummies full of cake we storm forward into the abyss, with the dinosaurs of Jurassic world in our wake and the Island of Dunk ahead of us, we sign off another day at sea.
Yours sincerely Liam and Ben 
Shout outs:
Hi to Nathaniel’s Mummy
Abby, mum say hi to Sherbet and Bella!! 
To my family, having a great time, no im not burnt, my boss Trish, find a new employee lol, jks love you! – Bonnie
Yo Thomas Clan in D town, Rachael is still alive and kicking, catch ya later in the year !


17 56 S / 146 22 E


Fine. Wind: SE 1-12 Swell: 140@0.5m Temp: 24