Captain's Log
9 May 2010

Day 6 – Fathers Day

Ahoy there everyone and happy Father’s Day, Overnight the ship exited the Inner Great Barrier Reef and continued to make ground to the south east averaging seven knots motor sailing under fore and aft sails in freshening conditions. During the night each of the watches continued consolidating deck work, navigation, engineering rounds and climbing aloft. Sunrise saw Young Endeavour rounding the northern tip of Fraser Island continuing to beat south on a close reach port tack. The morning brief was extremely entertaining, informative and as usual not so brief. Then after happy hour (cleaning stations) to ensure the ship sparkled in the forenoon sun, both engines were shut down and the two upper most square sails (Topgallant and Topsail) were set enabling the ship to majestically sail south along the eastern shore of Fraser Island under only the caress of the wind as whales playfully continued in the opposite direction. During the forenoon Chef Snowy had created a storm in the galley producing some truly inspirational and healthy options for lunch. 1300 arrived and it was time for ���Rope Races’ to stimulate the memory and invigorate the body once again. With lunch and rope races successfully completed, the ship shut down all machinery enabling a half hour of ���silent running’ during which time only the sounds of the sea and wind combined with the creaking of the rigging lulled the Youth Crew into a zen like state at one with their environment. This trance was lifted with the conduct of demonstrational tacks where each watch in turn stood on the bridge and watched the command and control aspects as the ship was tacked through the wind. These tacks consolidated the sail theory and practical deck work instruction gained over the previous six days. On completion of demonstrational tacks the last and largest square sail (Course) was set, and what a fine sight the ship presented with three full square sails and an insatiable Youth Crew on the quest for adventure and knowledge. After another magnificent meal by Chef Snowy serving up a traditional Sunday roast and chocolate sauce pudding, could well possibly see some of the Youth Crew gaining some extra ballast by the end of voyage if appetites and second helpings are anything to judge by. It has been yet another busy and engaging day for the Youth Crew, with the weather now abating should see a restful nights sleep for all either side of their four hour bridge watch. Overnight The Youth Crew watches will be challenged with a ���Bear Exercise’ by completing an unfamiliar team orientated task with limited instruction in a set time, developing various methods of communication, leadership and teamwork skills. The navigation intention is to continue sailing overnight utilising the East Australian Current to bring us to Mooloolaba during the forenoon when the next phase of the adventure that is Young Endeavour will commence. Until tomorrow evening, take care.Yours ayeCaptain Damien


25° 37' South / 153° 22' East


Scattered Showers, Wind NE 8 knots, Swell NE 1.5 m, Temperature 24 degrees, Barometer 1016 hpa