Captain's Log
V11/19 Gladstone to Brisbane
14 July 2019

Day 6 – Bit of a blow

Dear readers, t’was an epic day, which started with a blow from the south, late last night…
I felt the ship heel over around midnight, due to the lovely southerly winds, we were expecting, although coming from the direction of our destination was obviously not ideal… I say lovely because it was just nice to have some decent sailing for a spell. We were making good some 8 knots of speed for a little over an hour, when ‘snap’ went our mainsail rigging. Sadly, this meant ‘handing in’ the mainsail and the jib (for balance), reducing our speed considerably. We continued on, as we do, motorsailing to the south. But let me just give praise to not only Red watch, who was able to set all sail swiftly and competently when the breeze kicked in, but also to Blue watch, who did an outstanding job in handing in the mainsail and the jib, in 30 knots of wind and a sea state like a bull trying to buck it’s rider off. And finally, White watch who lay aloft the main mast and sea furled (secured) the mainsail in said sloppy conditions. A great effort – Well done all. The intention now is to continue to the SSW overnight and look for an anchorage in the PM//
The following account is from April and Angus:
The wind averaged at 20 knots today compared to roughly 5 knots since the beginning of the voyage. The 3-5 meter swell also came as a shock to youthies as they had become use to waves below half a meter. This caused for the fishes to get a great feed throughout the day. Most of the youthies spent their day hunched over the railings or passed out on deck. Marcus cooked up a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner with the help of volunteers well enough to work the galley – however the aroma sent most back onto the deck and over the railings.
Later in the afternoon, youthies were set a “Captains Challenge” to set the storm tri-sail without any assistance from staff. They were swift and successful and the ship is now taking advantage of the fantastic winds as best she can. A group on youthies finished off their day with an intrepid sunset climb onto the course yard whilst on the high seas. However, we’re sure everyone else will be getting an early night and trying to fight the rolling ship from tipping them out of bed. Night watches will continue until we reach Noosa Heads sometime tomorrow.
Hey Mum and Dad – yes I did fall victim to sea sickness today but I’m surrounded by the best people and am having a great time. Love and miss you all- April xx 🙂
Hi all, sadly this is the last time you’ll hearing from me as I plan to stowaway in the bilge before we reach Brisbane and continue this adventure for life – love Angus x


24 47.9 S / 153 26.8 E


Wind: SSE 15kts. Weather: Fine. Swell: 180/2m. Temp: 18.