Captain's Log
V15/16 Darwin (NT) to Darwin (NT)
10 September 2016

Day 6 – At Sea on Passage to the Tiwi Islands

Ahoy there Shipmates, Overnight the Ship remained at sea on passage to the Tiwi Islands. We maintained an easterly course motor-sailing in a light and variable breeze. Sail Master Kyle piped Wakey wakey at 0700 while the watch on were at the lower top with their Watch Leader observing the sunrise. Chef Keely treated us to Eggs Benedict for breakfast with a choice of bacon or smoked salmon! After breakfast Salty paid a visit to our morning brief and demonstrated the nautical origin of why we ‘split the dogs’ (dog watches), using the staffies’ well-developed acting skills and impressive wardrobe and props. Nana then visited with a few items of loose clothing she had found ‘sculling about’ the youth crew’s cabins. Today’s song she taught us was ‘Green Alligators’. At the same time Navigator James caught our second fish of the voyage on one of our trolling rods, a Mack Tuna. That was followed by Happy Hour and then the crew mustered on deck for the watches to conduct their final sail setting and furling practice before the Captain’s Setting and Furling assessment scheduled for this afternoon. After lunch we stopped the Ship, rigged the rope swing again and had an ocean swim for 45 minutes. This was followed by another round of Rope Races and then we set all three square sails and continued our passage to the Tiwis on a quarter run with the Jib, Main Staysail and the Mainsail also set. At 1600 Horto and I conducted Captain’s Setting and Furling, assessing if the watches were competent at setting and furling the Staysails to progress to Command Day. I am pleased to say all the watches passed. Tonight’s dinner included a choice of fresh tuna, some as sashimi and some pan fried. It was delicious. The ship remained at sea overnight with the watches consolidating their navigation knowledge and practising their sail handling skills. It is intended to anchor the Ship tomorrow at Cape Fourcroy, Bathurst Island, before lunch. Until tomorrow evening, Yours Aye Captain Mike


12 00.7 S / 129 23.9 E


Wind : westerly at 7 kn, Weather: fine and humid, Swell: nil, Temperature: 25 deg C