Captain's Log
12 August 2022

Day 6 – Ahoy Queensland!

Bonjour dwellers of the land. How are you? Because if you were to ask us that same question, we would say, “We are thriving since we finally gained our sea legs”.

Today we spotted many whale breeching the surface to say hello. We waved back of course. Today we made the exciting last leg of our journey in NSW and have officially entered Queensland! As we are writing this, we are about to pass south of Moreton Island. Today, apart from gawking at the whales, we did many drills of setting and furling sails, (we think Kirby is going to lose her voice).

Something else exciting, today, many of us participated in the ships tradition to wear a floral tee-shirt on Fridays! And for the people to have happy hour in the aft cabin, we were graced by the lovely Emma in her floral onesie, her singing and dancing. The wonderful Captain Charlie Farley, briefed us on the angles best to sail, and what sails to use when sailing into and in front of wind.

As well as this, TJ taught us the reason for the use of Morse code, the interpretation of flags, and Evan teaching us many types of knots.

We would like to thank the engineers Hoppy and Shaun for keeping many of the underground things running, such as hot water, flushing toilets and the engines when we can’t use the sails (during northerly winds).

Kirby and Dom

Shout out to Mark, Tracey and Abby!
Shout out to Richard, Kirrily and Baxter!