Captain's Log
2 August 2015

Day 50 – 48hr Command Period

Hi everyone,                   Welcome to day 50 of our voyage. We finally completed our long pilotage out of Buenos Aires at 0900 this morning. Once our Pilots had disembarked we shaped a new course for Rio then set about handing over the Ship to the Youth Crew who have now been tasked with running the Ship (under our watchful eye) for the next 48hrs.   One of the many tasks they are required to achieve during their Command Period is to write the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow so it is fitting that Youth Crew Captain elect Sam should write tonights log. I am sure that the Youth Crew will do a great job running the Ship as I am sure you will enjoy reading about their exploits. Enjoy!  Until tomorrow, take care  Yours Aye  Captain Gav  Captains log 08.02.15Ola to everyone at home and abroad, Captain Sam here for tonight’s captains log.Today has been another epic adventure filled day on the high seas after an awesome 48 hour stop over in Buenos Aeries, Argentina.  Our time in Buenos Aeries was jam packed and adventure filled. After a long pilotage we were all tied up in the early hours of Saturday morning and once provisions were loaded at 0800 we were given shore leave and went ashore to see what this amazing city has to offer. The first thing on most peoples to do list was to get their bearings of the city and find some all important wi-fi to contact loved ones as home. In the afternoon the majority of the youth crew and a handful of staffies set off on a 4 hour tour of major sights of Buenos Aeries. This included the big parks in the north of the city, the shopping hubs in the west, Plaza De Mayo to the east and artistic town of La Boca with its colourful buildings to the south.  At 1800 a sundowner’s event was hosted aboard Young Endeavour with the Australian Ambassador for Argentina Noel Campbell along with Australian consulate staff, local Argentinean diplomats, Navy recruits and young Argentineans in attendance. The event was a resounding success and thoroughly enjoyed by all guests, youthies and staffies alike. It was a great opportunity to be able gain a greater insight into the Argentinean people along with getting to show the guests around Young Endeavour and share her and our newly formed stories.  For our final day in BA we all went out and spent another day exploring, shopping, talking to love ones at home and making the most of our time ashore. At 1700 we slipped the lines and started the long pilotage back to sea for the final hop skip and jump to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.We have to give a big shout out to watch leader Jodie who today celebrated her 32nd birthday onboard.  Today is also a significant day for the whole crew. At 0930 the Young Endeavour telescope of challenge was passed over to the youth crew and I and with that symbolic hand over and hand shake from captain Gav it signals the start of our command period during which we the youth crew take full control of Young Endeavour for a period of 48hours.  It has been great to see how well everyone has taken to this awesome challenge and opportunity. Over the next 48 hours along with being responsible for all aspects of running the ship which include safe navigation, cooking, cleaning, ships routine etc of the ship we will also be given challenges to be completed during our time in command. The day was fairly routine with the traditional happy hour and afternoon siesta being the course of action for the day. It has been a great first 9 hours with our second task now successfully completed of our command period and the first night watch is just about to come up on deck in the newly formed red white and blue watches in place for the 48 hours.  Until tomorrow.Yours aye captain Sam        “ 


35° 2' South / 54° 25' West


Currently located 220nm from Buenos Aires and experiencing moderate to strong 15-20kt NE winds with a 1.5m NE swell. Current temperature is 21 degrees.