Captain's Log
V03/19 Sydney to Hobart
2 May 2019

Day 5 – Wineglass Bay to Coles Bay…On Foot!

Ahoy shipmates…after another comfortable night at sea under the charge of the Youth Crew, we anchored in Wineglass Bay…and the rest, as they say, is history (see below). While our adventurers were hiking up hill and down dale, the staffies sailed YE around Freycinet Peninsula, via Schouten Passage, to Coles Bay, including fly bys of the tall ships James Craig and HMB Endeavour who are also headed to Hobart for the Wooden Boats Festival, and anchored just to the south. Each received a 1 gun salute as we sailed past and a hearty cheer. That’s it for now…all I can add is ‘Tasmania, luv ya, but some sun would be nice!’. Fair winds…Captain Kenny——

Day 5 –
Ahoy Shipmates!!
After a successful night of returnees taking command of the ship, we anchored in magnificent Wineglass Bay. The Crew woke to a delicious and exotic breakfast made by Chef Jenko and his undercover celebrity masterchefs Mel, Michelle and Cam which included mangoes, French toast, croissants and of course coco pops. Then it was all on deck for the morning brief; this time featuring the liturgical stylings of superstar Nav Harry and his mimed weather forecast, as well as the announcement of our forced march over the Hazards (the mountain range between Wineglass Bay and Coles Bay). We eager returnees loved the sound of this “6km” walk and “36 Degree” temps for our morning stroll. Once onshore we enjoyed the beautiful beach and bushland walk more so then expected, especially given that it turned out to be more like 15km (slight exaggeration). What a pleasant and unexpected surprise for us! Meanwhile the Young Endeavour sailed around the peninsula to meet us at Coles Bay. On return to the ship some brave souls went swimming and rope swinging into the freezing 17 degree water, fearless or foolish we will never know, all that need be said is that the hot shower after was the real MVP. Once all were warmed and ready we were treated to a delicious cheese board and BBQ dinner on deck. Good Luck to all those that tried watch leader Blake’s hot sauce on making it through the night. Finally for dessert we had a belated Happy Birthday, cake and party to red watches Lumps(Pat), and reminisced of our fond memories of the happy day where we bonded over our shared experience of the green goblin. We Leave you all now as we kick back for a movie after a fantastic day and look forward to a restful night at anchor and more adventures tomorrow! Love from Mel (Blue Watch) and Ro (Red Watch).
Hi to Mum, Dad and lovely Ryan! Hope you are looking after my chickens! –Roishin


42 07s / 148 16e


Wind: ESE at 6kts Weather: Overcast Swell: Nil Location: At anchor Coles Bay