Captain's Log
V19/16 Fremantle (WA) to Esperance (WA)
12 February 2016

Day 5 – Tree Hugging

Hi All,

Early this morning we came to anchor in Princess Royal Harbour. By 10:00 am all the Youth Crew and some of the Staff Crew were ashore in Albany. With many sights to see, such as the Anzac Memorial, most people were off with a rush. The chance to see shopping aisles swaying and buy some small treats could not be resisted. My observation is that the Youth Crew were off for the adventure and not necessarily a tree hug to solve their sea sickness – that is essentially over now and everyone is moving about the Ship in a much more confident manner. We are just about to have a BBQ dinner before doing three-way talks, an activity designed to ensure you get to know someone a little better and be provided the opportunity to speak publically in front of the crew. Basically one person gets to know, in some detail, two other people. The person is then allocated which person they need to talk about, doing so in first person. A bit of background on the person such as family, pets etc and usually a little poetic license. Charades to guess the persons favourite movie is usually a good laugh. We will also be doing mid-Voyage talks tonight to make sure everyone is getting what they want from the Voyage – yep, half way through already! Overnight the Youth Crew will be keeping anchor watches to ensure we remain safe here in harbour. I think most of us will be enjoying a very restful night before we get underway again early tomorrow. Looking forward to getting out to sea and hopefully some nice down-wind sailing to get us speeding towards Esperance. Believe we have successfully uploaded some pics to the website – enjoy and until tomorrow, take care.

Dave J (Yak)
Voyage Captain


35 Deg 02.4 Min South / 117 Deg 53.3 Min East


Wx: a mostly sunny day but again, overcast in the late afternoon and evening, Wind 12 kts from ESE, Swell nil and sea state is 1. Temp is 17C