Captain's Log
V05/20 Geelong to Melbourne
13 March 2020

Day 5 – The Infamous Bass Strait

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to Day 5 of our voyage. It’s been one of those challenging days at sea battling the conditions that Bass Strait is famous for but that’s what makes it such a great stretch of water to sail. As I say if it was easy everyone would be out here. That’s enough from me I will now handover to the Youthies to tell you all about our day. Until tomorrow, take care. Captain Gav
Friday the 13th definitely lived up to its reputation!
We started the day calmly anchored off the Coast of King Island, with a morning stroll around the upper deck and followed by a game of Ubantu. We then had pancakes for breakfast loaded with boysenberry ice cream, berries, chocolate and basically anything we could dream of (thanks Adam!) while the sun rose and lit the sky in a range of pink and orange colour’s, spirits were high and we were ready to set off east across the Bass Straight towards Deal Island, and that’s when the adventure really began………!
It started smoothly, with some decent winds and light swells, we practiced our tacking stations and moved between the three watch stations, in preparation for Command Day. As we headed further into Bassy and away from King Island, Friday the 13th decided it wanted to play; luckily we were all well prepared as we finally have our sea legs!!!! The swells started to reach 3-4 metres high and the winds were record breaking 30-35 knots; well at least that’s how it felt. Really we were just witnessing the lovely Bassy Weather. Wet weather gear was essential for all those who wished not to get hypothermia and as the rain set in and the winds blew up we were ready to tackle whatever it had to throw at us. Young Endeavour really showed her strengths as we tilted a not so pleasant 20-25 degrees, with water rushing over the deck we went into place to finally set the square sails (now we’re a real pirate ship!). The weather didn’t let up and the winds were pushing us up to over 10 knots, while our average is 4 knots.
We were enjoying the rough seas, and relaxing in our racks when upon Red’s watch the weather turned again and we were hastily called upon deck to furl in the main sail, along with the jib. While furling the jib the winds increased, and the sea swelled angrily and Friday the 13th decided to land us with the necessary bad luck! The jib sheet literally got its nickers in a knot and we were unable to untangle it (something the staffies had never experienced before!). As Holly stated “it needed a good detangling brush”. Unfortunately for us this put the jib out of action, meaning we would need to make a pit stop in order to free it, so Deal Island was taken off our course and replaced with Wilson’s Promontory.
Dinner was then an experience and a half as our beautiful ship continued to rock. Youthies found that they wished that they had Elly and Caroline’s skills in ice skating, as the decks become as slippery as ice, and the staffies put up safety lines. The Galley had trays flying off the shelves, and many a tea was sacrificed to the deck. As I write this, Josh is putting in his best efforts to stop my chair from sliding across the deck (sometimes in vain.)
Don’t worry mums, dads, friends and family, we are having an extremely great time and are very safe! There hasn’t been a single youthie without a smile on their face! 😀
Elly: Hi mum, dad, Ash, Daniel and Ebbie! I am having an amazing time and am really in my element! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I hope you had an amazing day and I’ll see you in Melbourne Soon! Joel says happy birthday too!
Josh: Hi Mum, Dad and family! I’m having a ball, hope you guys are all doing good and I’ll see you soon. 


39 28.8 S / 145 45.5 E


Currently located 40nm to the SW of Wilson's Promontory sailing under a reduced sail plan and experiencing very strong 25-30kt SSW winds with a 3-4m SW swell. Our current speed is 8-9kts and the temperature is 14 degrees but feels colder.