Captain's Log
V15/21 Sydney to Sydney
3 December 2021

Day 5 – The final day

“We can’t wait to begin the next adventure in our lives with the knowledge and inspiration from our time in Young Endeavour.” Ahoy there dear readers, it is with much regret that I must inform you that this voyage will come to an early end tomorrow at 1600. Unfortunately, we are unable to continue with the voyage due to damage sustained to the dolphin striker (under the bowsprit) and we will be returning to HMAS Waterhen for urgent maintenance. Youth Crew will of course have the opportunity to return again, once we are fixed and ready to sail once more. Here is the final log from youth crew members Thu, Ella, Woodsy and Willy G… Enjoy. Captain Adam Charlie Farley+
Well, well, well. Look how the turns have unfurled. Today Captain Charlie told us to “live everyday as if it were your last”. Ironically, it was our last day (sadness) 🙁 We understand this decision was necessary, but nonetheless, difficult for everyone, staffies and youthies. But let’s start with the morning.
We woke up to “Shooting stars” by Bag Raiders (banger!) and played an intense game of paper/scissors/rock, and we all know that the true evolution goes from: egg, to chicken, to T-Rex, to power ranger, to BRITNEY. We continued our morning with a delicious breakfast (shout out to Jarred as always). Then we hustled and bustled to clean our ship (happy hour x3) and continued our competitive Ropies game (go white watch, underdogs of the century). We then protected our watch leaders from jumping out of a plane, unprotected, through the form of eggs being dropped from the mast (spoiler alert: they all died). But shout out to the doctors for trying to resuscitate them (Keithy and Phoebe).
We then set sail to transit across the bay and spent a wonderful and competitive day playing beach games (go white watch again!). Shout out to Kobi and Charlie for making it such a fun afternoon. We also went snorkelling and sighted an octopus and a wobbegong. Sadly, our spirits were dampened upon arrival to the ship, when we heard the news that, sadly, for safety purposes, we were to return to Sydney Harbour tomorrow afternoon (tears). But we celebrated the end of the voyage in a positive way, with florals and snags and sea shanties (go Declan and Red!)
We can’t forget to mention our extreme gratitude to all the staffies on board with us these last 5 days. You guys have made this experience an unforgettable one. We would like to especially thank Bobby, Reggie and Keithy, whose last voyage was with us this week. You guys are the best, we wish you luck on your future (young ish) endeavours. BIG shout out to Captain Charlie for leading our voyage and trying your best to deliver this experience even under these circumstances. I’m sure we will all cherish the time we did spend on board for the rest of our lives.
Finally, the four of us, Thu, Ella, Woodsy and Willy G, would like to make a few shout outs. To Ash Vu, my amazing sister, thanks for convincing me to come aboard. Shout out to Connor Boesel, thank you for convincing me to never say no. Shout out to Latham, you have fans on the ship. And finally, shout out to “Dumb Muscle”, you guys are amazing and I will miss you <3.
Signing off on behalf of all the youthies, we couldn’t have asked for a better past few days or better people to spend it with. We can’t wait to begin the next adventure in our lives with the knowledge and inspiration from our time in Young Endeavour.
Goodbye for now, but not forever.




Jervis Bay north and south. Ashore at Green Patch for fun and games. Return to BBQ dinner. Sea shanty ho down. Weigh anchor. Remaining at sea overnight, Sydney bound.