Captain's Log
27 November 2010

Day 5 – Southern Ocean

Hi Everyone, As forecast the wind veered and strengthened from the south during the early hours of this morning. Just after sunrise the swell increased to 3m and to make matters worse heavy rain set in (not a great welcome into the Southern Ocean).Given these unpleasant conditions and the fresh onset of bouts of seasickness in a few of the Youth Crew it was decided to suspend the training program for the day with the only requirements for the Youth Crew being to maintain their watches, which they did extremely well. Theses conditions continued throughout the day but we still managed to make good speed under fore and aft sails. By 2000 we were located 40nm to the NW of Cape Wickham (most northern point of King Island) sailing well with the conditions beginning moderate.At our current speed it is our intentions to round Cape Wickham during the early hours of tomorrow morning then proceed down the east coast of King Island and anchor in Sea Elephant Bay.Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav


39° 17' South / 143° 14' East


Currently located 40nm to the NW of Cape Wickham and experiencing strong 18-25kt southerly winds with a 3-4m SW swell