Captain's Log
11 August 2022

Day 5 – Sailing the humpback highway

Ahoy there landlubbers and fellow crewmates, we have survived anchor watch through the night without staffy supervision (big win). To celebrate we gathered on deck after the usual blasting of radio wake up for some sunrise yoga in Trial Bay lead by yogi master TJ.

Harmonies may have been off this morning in the anthem belt out, however this was quickly forgotten after a sensational, yet educational, “Chats with Chucky” and a feature of the mystery box. Happy hour ensued with some exceptional sing along bangers today (shoutout Ash and Shaun) followed by weighing anchor and climbing aloft.

As the vivacious navigator Emma suggested, the lack of wind had us packing the square sails tightly and motoring out the bay northward. To our surprise many dolphins and whales had similar ideas! Lunch – it gets better every day (Jarod you legend)! With fully bellies, our next challenge was to conquer rotational tacks, extending our knowledge of the ship’s rigging and roles outside our assigned watch stations. This knowledge was further tested with not one, but TWO rounds of ropies (with a clear winner established IYKYK).

In the afternoon we had a quick meteorology lesson with Evan and played a strategy game (Mafia) on deck, there may have even been a mutton bird sighting – waiting for Cap’ns Confirmation. Bowsprit was in full use today (Cheers for the supervision Matty), evidence of which can be seen in the many warm faces making friends with cold milk cartons in the fridge after dinner (thanks for the aloe Hoppy).

News of the last supermoon óf 2022 have rumours of sleeping on deck under the stars spreading through the youth crew – check in tomorrow in CLOG Day 6 for confirmation of decksleepers whereabouts (or if it even happens!).


Shout out to the Cottam & Gabrielli crews!!!!!!!