Captain's Log
V10/19 Airlie Beach to Gladstone
30 June 2019

Day 5 – Rotational Tacks, Percy Islands…and a Spectacular Sunset!

Ahoy shipmates…greetings from South Percy Island. After another challenging night at sea due to the persistent 20 knot south easterly wind, we arrived off the Percy Island Group around 0800 this morning. Overnight the dreaded green goblin reared it’s ugly head, striking down a number of our young adventurers…good news is they improved through the day and now that we are at anchor, all are hale and hearty. We had hoped to go ashore at Middle Percy Island however conditions were not suited, so we implemented plan B, South Percy Island. The youth crew have been kept busy, as the gang have articulated below, and all are in good spirits…judging by the dancing and singing at tonight’s teak deck bbq! We will remain at anchor overnight, departing around 0700 tomorrow morning for Great Keppel Island. That’s it for now…until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.———-

Captain’s Log Day 5
Red/Blue Watch: Kate, Ella, and Stephen

Heyo friends and fam-bam back at home, living regular lives on land. The last 24 hours have been eventful with all three watches undertaking the BEAREX challenge overnight. We were given an instruction sheet for a new sail we’d never seen or heard of before, and were challenged to set it within a certain amount of time. We had just 2 questions that we were allowed to ask our watch leaders (praise to Reggie, what a legend ) but otherwise were left to our own devices.
As always, Marcus supplied a delicious breakfast (which Kate slept through) after which we continued our journey at sail, heading towards the Percy Islands. On the way, we swapped our normal tacking stations to get a better understanding of how the whole process works, and successfully managed three tacks. Unfortunately, weather conditions meant we couldn’t anchor at Middle Percy, so we made our way to South Percy Island, where we are now at anchor.
Once at anchor, we played another round of the infamous Rope Races, this time testing our knowledge of the fore and aft sails. Blue-ies are currently in the lead (up the Blue-ies). Next round is testing our knot tying skills (which we haven’t learnt yet…).
Unfortunately, again, we were unable to go ashore as there was no way through the surrounding reef. Fortunately, this meant ROPE SWING TIME!! Shout out to Stephen who has so far landed the only front flip, and everyone else for the classic face plants and sending it.
We also had a fabulous session with Jordo on Rules of the Road where each watch was responsible for presenting two rules to the group to make it as interesting as possible so come Command Day, we don’t crash into another boat.
This evening we had mid-way chats with our watch leaders, checking in on our team and individual goals and what we want to get out the of the rest of the trip. A couple of the Blue-ies and Reddies lay aloft for a lovely sunset climb, with the rest of the crew having a sick dance party on mid-ship. Finally, we had a classic BBQ dinner and are now settling down for a movie. We are anchored overnight (which everyone is so happy about) which means limited watches, no seasickness and some much needs sleep.
Shoutout! Ella: To mum, dad and everyone at home, bet it’s a hell of a lot colder down there, missing you all. Stephen: Hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to telling you guys all about it when i get back. Prepare for people photos! love ya


21 44s / 150 20e


Wind: ESE at 18 knots Weather: Overcast Sea: Calm Location: At anchor South Percy Island