Captain's Log
7 April 2016

Day 5 – Middle Percy Island

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 5 of our voyage. We made good speed overnight taking full advantage of the south easterly trade winds and by sunrise this morning we were located 8nm to the south of the Percy Isles sailing on a broad reach under a full press of sail including the fisherman staysail.

At 0800 we called the ship to tacking stations then altered course to the North West to sail between Middle and South Percy Islands. Once through this stretch of water the ship was again called to tacking stations and during the hour that followed we completed a good set of demonstrational tacks.

On completion of the final tack all sail was handed in and we proceeded straight into Middle Percy Islands West Bay coming safely to anchor at 1130.

Lunch followed then the Youth Crew were ferried ashore where they were given the opportunity to go snorkelling, play some beach sports, explore different parts of the Island, look at the yachting memorabilia left in the Islands A Frame hut and enjoy the spectacular beach.

By 1645 everyone was back onboard and once we had recovered the RHIB we weighed anchor then commenced our passage to the Whitsunday’s where we currently plan to anchor at Whitehaven Beach late tomorrow afternoon.

The time is now 2100 and we are currently located 25nm to the NW of the Percy Islands motor sailing in light to moderate NW winds.

Volunteering to write an entry in tonight’s Captains Log is White Watch, please enjoy.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Hey Y’all

Welcome to Day 5 of our voyage. Overnight and in the early hours of the morning the youth crew completed a leadership/teamwork exercise in their watches, which involved setting sails they had not previously seen. It was quite rocky through the night with 14.5 knots of wind as we sailed towards the Percy Isle group.

In the morning we conducted a quick morning brief and then the youth crew were able to consolidate the sail theory they had learnt with Captain Gav the day before by practicing tacking the ship into the wind. Soon after this activity we arrived at Middle Percy Island. We conducted a happy snappy half hour to clean the ship before going ashore.

The youth crew and staff spent the afternoon on the island, learning about its history and hiking to a lagoon and the only Homestead on the island. We enjoyed fairly fine weather and the youth crew participated in activities on the beach and in the water. At the end of the afternoon youth crew gathered in their watches to have a Mid-voyage chat, which involved discussing previously set goals, providing feedback to watch leaders and making further goals for the remainder of the voyage.

At 1600 everyone came back aboard the Young Endeavour and after showers set sail again towards Whitehaven beach, where we hope to arrive by tomorrow night. Currently the weather is windy and raining, with moderate swell, but, “No rain ain’t gonna bring Shaniqua down” quote Marcos (white watch leader).

Yours Truly,

White Watch


21 16 S / 150 00 E


Currently located 25km NW of Middle Percy Island and experiencing light to moderate NNW winds with a 1m SE swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 16 degrees.