Captain's Log
V13/19 Sydney to Newcastle
11 August 2019

Day 5 – Jervis Bay…White Sand and Wind!

Ahoy shipmates and greetings from Jervis Bay. We arrived around 0800 this morning after a steady overnight passage and have spent the day sailing around the Bay, with the youth crew also spending some time ashore. My work has been made easy by Jaz and Dulmi so I’ll leave you in their capable hands. As I write we have just departed JB northbound to our next stop in Port Stephens. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny———-
Captains Log: Day 5 – 08 November 2019
Red Watch: Dulmi
Blue Watch: Jaz
Dulmi and Jaz here, writing from the beautiful Jervis Bay in ACT. The weather has been nice and sunny, yet super windy reaching up to around 40 knots which has led us to having to leave here later tonight, heading up north (again).
Dulmi started the morning with Red Watch at 12am finishing their watch at 4am. We had to set up a Storm Jib as part of our “Bear X” challenge working on communication and teamwork. Meanwhile Jaz and Blue Watch were fast asleep after completing their 8pm to 12am watch that night.
At 0700 the whole ship crew was woken up to have a beautiful hot breakfast provided to us by the lovely Zac who had outdone himself once again. After breakfast we had a sailing theory brief by Captain Kenny were were learnt about when sails should be put up depending on weather direction. After learning these theories we put it into action when we arrived into Jervis Bay where we had to complete some rotational tacks with the whole crew , while 9 youthies rotated through the helm, to see Cap K’s teachings in practice.
After Jaz did her buddy check with Jacko, Morgan and Scotty, we climbed up the main mast to tie the gaskets with a round turn and two half hitches, to tie up the main sail. It was very challenging with the wind and the height but when we had completed it, we felt very accomplished with our work. By the time we were done, we were anchored near Captain’s Beach
After this, we came into our Morning Brief, where Tracey told us some fun facts about Jervis Bay and the distance we’d travelled overnight (110 nautical miles). Then Salty arrived, telling us all about the origins of Port and Starboard. We then had lunch which was an amazing Thai Green Curry and Lamb Backstraps prepared, yet again, by the wonderful Zac.
Due to the beautiful weather, we could not resist going onto Captain’s Beach to play a few Beach Games. Harry transported us from the ship to shore on his boat and due to Jaz being one of the last to be transported, she got a bit of faster ride. It was funny when he tried to drop us off in waters that were 1.5m in depth, which in around Dulmi’s height. Once we had the bleached white sands between our toes, we kicked off with a couple of games of tug-o-war. Blue Watch won again Red Watch, White Watch won against Blue Watch and Red Watch won against White Watch, all displaying the strengths we have gained along this trip.
After we were all hot and bothered, we went off with our Watch Leaders to discuss our mid voyage chats, reviewing the goals that we had set at the start of the trip along with the things that we would like to work on for the remainder of the trip. We then had a lovely swim in the crystal clear water before returning back to the ship for our brisk 90 second showers.
Dulmi, Charlee, Harri, Billy and Karly (Red Watch Leader) climbed all the way up to the highest point, the Topgallant sail amidst the very windy weather. We were very nervous as we had never gone up to the very top, let alone in such weather conditions but we all made it to the top and back down again safely and we have no regrets!
After a lovely BBQ dinner we are all relaxing before having to go on our night watches, with storms rolling in

Jaz: This might be a surprise to you dad but I have not got sea sick yet and I am having the best time on this trip, making the love I had for the sea a whole lot stronger. Thank you mum and dad for supporting me to go on this trip. Was so worth it.
Dulmi: Hey Ammi, Thathi, Nangi and friends! I’m having an amazing time on this trip learning about lots of new things and doing things out of my comfort zone that I normally wouldn’t do. Thank you for always having my back and supporting me when I want to do all these many adventures. I couldn’t do it without you guys! And yes I have been seasick 😛

Dulmi and Jaz out!


35 04s / 150 51e


Wind: S at 20 knots Weather: Overcast Sea: SE at 2.0 metres Course: 050 Speed: 6 knots Location: NE of Jervis Bay