Captain's Log
V14/21 Sydney to Sydney
19 November 2021

Day 5 – Jervis Bay day

At 0700 we woke up to the song ‘good vibrations’ and a warm start to floral Friday. After a rough night the sea sickness blues washed away with the medicine of sand between our toes. After the awesome vibes of happy hour we made it to our anchor point at Jervis bay (which has the whitest sand in Australia). We spent all afternoon there at the beach in Green Patch playing minigames including flag race, treasure hunt and dodgeball. When we had a little free time, some of our youthies started to make a makeshift raft with driftwood. Sadly this got cut short due to some rain. Wet weather didn’t stop the fun from happening inside of our ship. With had Karaoke, Speed the card game, chess, push up game (where Jack and Maddie conquered). Then we went into in awesome DIY tacos and wraps for dinner we were made by Keely and Ash. Afterwards we played trivia. As always it was an awesome day onboard Young Endeavour and our good vibes were kept up even during the crazy weather.


35 07 S / 150 43 E


Wind: Light and variable. Swell: Nil. Temp: 17. Weather: Cloudy.