Captain's Log
V19/18 Newcastle to Sydney
23 October 2018

Day 5 – Jervis Bay

Ahoy Shipmates…well after a pleasant sail south overnight, during which the Youth Crew completed the ‘Bearex’ teamwork challenge, we entered the magnificent Jervis Bay around 1000, and with 15-18 knots of breeze and smooth seas in the protected bay, experienced some fantastic sailing. In the early afternoon we anchored and ferried the Youth Crew ashore, followed by a teak deck bbq, a quick relocation to a more suitable overnight anchorage, and a movie. We have now settled into anchor watches for the night. I’ll hand over to the Youth Crew for their version of events…fair winds…Captain Kenny…-…

23rd October: Day 5
After a breezy night under the square sails, youth crew and staff attended the morning brief. We paused halfway through the brief to set some fore and aft sails for our entry into Jervis Bay. Going back to the brief we had a little bit weird (humorous) but insightful re-enactment of child birth (Lady Hortalina & Baby Adam) on ships.
We sailed into Jervis Bay as Happy, Happy Hour began. After getting the all clear for our cleaning efforts we had burgers and wedges expertly cooked by Zac and the youth “master chiefs”.
Then we headed back up on deck and did a round of rotational tacks. Each team got a chance to learn the roles of other watch’s within a rotational tack. We then tied up all the square sails before rubber duck-ing (Phil’s rubber boat) into the beach.
Each watch did the second part of our full value contracts before playing a couple games and heading back on board for a BBQ. Before the BBQ was setup on midship, the third round of Ropies was held.
We then moved the ship to the southern side of the bay and dropped anchor after which we watched a inspirational movie.
Shout out to Lachy, Vincent and Nelly for being the best anchor watch everrrr!!!!


35 08s / 150 44e


Wind: N at 10 knots Weather: Fine/partly cloudy Swell: Nil Location: At anchor Jervis Bay