Captain's Log
6 July 2014

Day 5 – Horseshoe Bay to Sea

Ahoy there Shipmates,The Ship remained at anchor overnight with the Youth Crew keeping their first night anchor watches. This meant that only one member of each watch was up on deck for an hour, letting the others catch up on some much needed sleep as the Ship gently rolled in our anchorage in the lee of Magnetic Island.The crew were woken by Sail Master Dougie at 0630 for the first swim and rope swing of the voyage. This was followed by an upper deck BBQ breakfast of bacon and egg rolls (fresh baked) and fresh fruit. After we had packed everything away and secured the Ship for sea we held Morning Brief at which Salty explained, with the use of Staffy actors, why we split the dog watches. Nana did her usual parade of shame with all the clothes were left lying around the Ship, and then she taught the youthies the song, ‘Rolly Poly’.While the youthies got into cleaning Stations the Staffies weighed anchor and we resumed our passage south under engines. When the youthies had finished they came on deck, we set a full press of fore-and-aft sails and then got into Rotational Tacks, an activity where the youth crew rotate through the other watches’ tacking positions so they get to experience what the other watches do when the Ship wears or tacks.In the afternoon we held the next edition of ‘Ropies’, which was followed by a watch-by-watch presentation on Navigation, given by Jen.At 1600, as we rounded Cape Bowling Green the wind, which had been more easterly, veered to 130, the direction we needed to make ground, so we were forced to hand-in all sail, with the exception of the Main Staysail which we centred, and motor-sail directly into wind.It is intended to remain at sea through the night conducting a number of activities aimed at giving the potential leaders in each watch the opportunity to step up and take charge of a challenging task, as we continue our passage to the Whitsunday Islands.Until tomorrow night, Yours aye,CAPT Mike   “ 


19° 14' South / 147° 28' East


Weather: overcast but fine, Wind 135 / 18 kn, Swell: 1.5 m from SE, Temp: 22 deg. C