Captain's Log
V15/18 Cairns to Airlie Beach
9 January 2018

Day 5 – Hill Inlet, Whitehaven Beach and Apostle Bay

Ahoy Shipmates. Well we are certainly keeping the Youth Crew busy. After a night under sail (and a 0320am tack)we arrived and the beautiful Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach. After runs ashore before and after lunch, we finally proceeded to anchor in the prehistoric Apostle Bay, enjoying the first teak deck BBQ of the voyage. We wrapped the day with 3 way talks, where we get to learn a bit more about the Youth Crew…always entertaining! Tomorrow promise to be another massive day as Command Day fast approaches. But now for a few words from Sophie and Dom…fair winds, Captain Kenny

Ahoy there! This morning, all watches were awoken in the early hours of the morning to go to tacking stations to ware (gybe) the ship. We anchored at 0800 and were delighted by Tongue Point off Whitsunday Island. The view was magnificent, with its beautiful islands and white sand. We were all excited to swim and hike to the lookout. Our first on shore stop of the day was just off Tongue Point. While waiting for the rest of the group to arrives, we kicked around a football. Everyone joined in when they arrived on shore. Even those like me (Sophie) who are not familiar with the sport participated and had easy fun.
Once everyone had arrived, we hiked to the lookout where we could see a beautiful panoramic view of Whitehaven beach. We all enjoyed a little time up there with the tourists, taking photos of the beach and being sure Young Endeavours was in view for the photo. Once everyone had spent time up at the lookout, we headed back on deck for some delicious lunch. After a few restful hours, we were all ready to head to our next location which was south east of our previous stop. There we enjoyed a lovely and refreshing dip, dodge ball and some other games. We were all in high spirits and wanted to stay longer but as the wind was blowing inland; our fun was cut only a little short. But not to worry! The Staffies had organised a BBQ onboard!
After showering and doing a bit of laundry, the long anticipated BBQ was ready and prepared by Chef Zach and the master chefs. While eating we had lovely conversations with people we would not normally gravitate to thanks to the three way talks activity. We learnt a lot more interesting things about our crewmates and when we youthies had to present what we learnt about each other, everyone else also got to know them a little better. All in all, perfect day!

Sophie and Dom.


20 13s / 148 59e


Wind: Light and variable Weather: Fine and clear Swell: Nil At anchor Apostle Bay