Captain's Log
V17/18 Gladstone to Brisbane
27 September 2018

Day 5 – Heron Island and Wistari Reef

Ahoy friends…well what a day. After a leisurely overnight transit in pleasant conditions we arrived at Heron Island, anchoring just of the northern tip of Wistari Reef. A very busy day ensued and as I write we are under sail making ground towards Lady Musgrave Island in beautiful conditions, but I’ll let the gang from Blue Watch tell you more…fair winds…Captain Kenny…

At 0700 the crew was woken to the lovely white watch crew singing a savvy tune themed by the One Direction song ‘One Thing’. The ship was already anchored at Heron Island, the earlier watches tacked the Endeavour to turn the sails and arrive on time. After being unexpectedly woken up to the terrible tune it was breakfast time, Bacon and Eggs, Hash browns, Spaghetti and porridge was all the goodies to kick start the engines. 0900 crew departed in multiple trips to and from the anchored Endeavour to Heron Island, where we were very fortunate to have a guided tour by Sam from University of USQ. I think we were all fascinated by the ‘Touch Tank’ which had many strange sea creatures including different species of sea cucumbers, sea snakes, starfish and coral. We were then shown the many experiments on going within the island that include the study of the effect that climate change has on our Great Barrier Reef. After spending a couple of hours exploring the island we went back on board to the Endeavour, getting straight into the behind schedule “Happy Hour”. During happy hour our senses were tingling from the amazing scent of the glazing Chinese barbecue ribs that Marcus had been preparing all morning. After having a rack or two of these mouth watering ribs, we then geared up to explore the reefs (Wistari Reef) that weren’t too far from our ship, we chucked our snorkels and flippers on, had a swim amongst the corals, clams and many different creatures of the sea. Then we came back, relaxed and climbed the foremast where dolphins were spotted. Should be smooth sailing for the rest of the night. Half way down!
Sheridan Howett – “Hey mum and dad! I’m having the time of my life. I have learnt so much already and I miss you both to the moon and back. Can’t wait to tell you all about my amazing adventures when I get home and I hope the boys managed to keep the dog alive whilst I was gone! Love you all so much and don’t worry becauseI’m alive and have not been sea sick yet!!”
Sidney Stuart – “Mother and Father thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience the STS Young Endeavour. So far has been amazing and looking forward to more days at sea with some incredible people. I’m alive and doing well, except being sea sick the first couple of days!!”
Signing off from Jamie Boadle and Brodie Rodgers – “If you’re not in the blue watch, you’re not in any watch”


23 38s / 151 53e


Wind: NE at 11 knots Weather: Fine and Clear Swell: E at 0.5m Course: 185 true Speed: 4 knots Location: South of Heron Is