Captain's Log
29 January 2016

Day 5 – Halfway Across The Bight

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day five of our voyage. We have continued to experience strong conditions over the past 24hrs and expect the same overnight with conditions now forecast to improve later tomorrow afternoon. These conditions have provided us with some good sailing and are making our crossing of the Great Australia Bight a fast one but are not helping some of our Young Mariners to shake their seasickness. Given the weather conditions today we decided to make it a Saturday routine and give everyone the afternoon off so that they could catch up on some much needed sleep or just relax reading a book or playing some card games in the café. We found this worked well during the World Voyage and during these types of conditions it just gives everyone a chance to recharge their batteries. Currently we are located 420nm to the ESE of Esperance and are making best speed to Kangaroo Island where we hope to anchor early on Monday morning. Volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Red Watch, please enjoy! Until tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav CAPTAIN’S LOG – 29 JAN 16 Hi there mainland, Red Watch here. Another day in the Southern Ocean and colour has started returning to our faces. We’ve crossed the border into South Australia and continuing our path to Kangaroo Island (ETA Monday). The increase in morale combined with a freed up schedule means many of us spent time together in the Galley/cafe playing some cards and the fan favourite board game Uckers. Up on deck others used this opportunity to Lay Aloft (Climb the masts), practice steering, read a book or just enjoy the view that is endless blue ocean. It can be quite therapeutic at times. The Helm of Truth continues to keep us busy whilst on nightly watch and riddles have seen a big spike in popularity over the last 24hrs, particularly during the graveyard shifts. The crew are maintaining a positive, enthusiastic outlook, and look forward to the possibility of swim on Monday, and of course stable ground and other civilisation. On another note, many will definitely leave the voyage with a deeper appreciation for flat, stable ground when it comes to using bathroom amenities or just basic walking. For instance, taking a shower is no longer a simple task of standing vertically but takes great mental and physical prowess to counteract the gravity of a tilting ship, thanks to Mother Nature’s great gusts from the south-east. With more knowledge and practice being acquired every hour and our youth crew coming closer together as strong team members and friends, the adventure of the Young Endeavour continues. Well its time for us to sign off and let White Watch takeover the helm. Over and out. A shout out to the Trakula family; Nicholas I hope you’re helping around the house and the parents are coping in my absence, or enjoying the silence whilst it lasts! Love Alex xoxo


34 58 S / 130 03 E


Currently sailing close hauled under fore and aft sail and experiencing strong 20-25kt ESE winds with a 2-3m SW swell. Our current speed is 8kts and the temperature is 15 degrees.