Captain's Log
V14/16 Gove (NT) to Darwin (NT)
26 August 2016

Day 5 – Great Sailing Conditions

Hi Everyone,                    Welcome to day five of our voyage. During the early hours of this morning the wind freshened to 20kts from the south east which enabled us to set more sail and increase our boat speed to 7kts. By sunrise we were located 65nm to the west of the Wessel Islands sailing on a beam reach with all onboard enjoying the experience of sailing the ship in stronger conditions. Our activities for the day consisted of my sail theory presentation, a set of rotational tacks and being day 5 of the voyage, mid voyage chats. By sunset this evening we were located 32nm to the north west of Cape Stewart sailing downwind under three squares still enjoying some perfect sailing conditions. Overnight all three watches will conduct the Bearex (Teamwork and Communication Exercise as we continued to make good speed under sail to Port Essington, which was our next planned anchorage.Kindly volunteering to write tonight’s edition of Captains Log is White Watch, please enjoy!Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav  Captains Log 26 August 2016Happy Floral Friday Everyone!Another beautiful sunny day commenced with red watch singing a Sailor’s Life for Me from Alice in Wonderland, you can imagine the joy of the youth crew to be stirred by such a charmingly awful vocal piece. Breaky was the usual selection of wondrous goods; bacon, eggs, croissants, porridge and fruit salad (shout out to Marcos our marvellous chef).Cheers Captain Gav for the on deck sail theory, we promise we took all of it in and we weren’t focusing on staying upright on deck instead.Existential thought seems to frequent our conversation aboard Young Endeavour, for example is there such thing as an agreeable grunt? If so, make the sound that you think fits the description. Or can grunts only be disagreeable? This kind of depth is what truly makes us the most intelligent watch on board…white watch that is. Anyway guys we’ll leave you with that thought, we’re off to tea time with tug & Katherine (who is the best assistant watch leader on board)Cheers from white watch; Em, Cassie, Ethan, Ash, Jake & JamesPs, shout out to Ethan’s pinky


11 27 S / 134 16 E


Currently located 42nm to the NW of Cape Stewart saling downwind under three squaeres and enjoying moderate to strong ESE winds with a 1m swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 21 degrees.